No Manches Frida Review: A Sappy Yet Entertaining Mexican Comedy

Siempre me he preguntado cómo sería ser como para hacer una revisión completa en español. Gracias a las maravillas de Google Translate, ahora puedo . Ya sabes , me encanta semanas con selecciones de películas pobres porque me da la oportunidad de ver algo que normalmente no vería . A veces esas películas vienen de China , Corea , pero esta semana viene de México. A principios de este año he revisado dos películas de México , el ocaso y Compadres . Omar Chaparro quien protagonizó la última película también está protagonizada en esta nueva entrega No Manches FridaNo Manches Frida es una nueva versión de una película alemán llamado Fack ju Göhte. Este es uno de esos ejemplos en los que la falta de originalidad puede realmente hacer caer una gran película de otro modo.

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In this story, a man named Zequi played by Omar Chaparro, is released from prison after 13 months for robbery. When he is released he seeks out his old stripper friend who hid his money while he was inside. Unfortunately, she buried the cash in a lot where a school now lies and he no way to get to it. Zequi decides to apply for the job of school janitor to get his money back but is actually given the job as substitute teacher instead. Zequi now must maintain his identity long enough to retrieve his cash in the bowels of the school basement. Doing this won’t be easy as he has to deal with a clingy pushover student teacher, a principal who only cares about getting money for the school, and the hellhole of kids known as ‘4B’.

Now, this film combines three of my favorite things: A good sense of humor, good looking Hispanic women, and being a dick to kids. If you are a fan of any of these things then this is the movie for you. The film doesn’t BS around with its message and that’s what I like about it.

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They deal with such issues from the importance of an education, morality, suicide, and more. It is serious enough when it needs to be but they don’t let it affect the tone. Martha Higareda plays student teacher and love interest, Lucy. Lucy is the school pushover and nobody takes her seriously. But she loves teaching tries to juggle her life at the school as well as taking care of her little sister so she won’t end up in the foster system.

No Manches Frida is a film that has its heart in the right place. Zequi takes the students to the roughest part of town to convince them that they do not want the life of a homeless, drug-riddled, criminal. As the film progresses, the story is centered more on him taking a bigger role in the teens lives seeing how he doesn’t want them to become like him. He finds himself having more in common with the troublemakers seeing how he had no role models in his life to point him in the right direction. A big negative with this movie is the fact that this is a blow by blow remake of its German processor, which makes the film very predictable and not very original. Just about every scene is remade nearly shot by shot from the original. Watching the trailers side by side and you wonder how the writers of this film avoided a copyright lawsuit. While this is a carbon copy, it doesn’t mean the film isn’t enjoyable because it is.

Pantelion Films

No Manches Frida is a screwball comedy that is very entertaining and highly enjoyable. The cast has great chemistry and comedic timing. While the plot is focused on Zequi and Lucy, it is the younger cast who steal the show and ultimately make the movie. No Manches Frida is highly entertaining but it is highly unoriginal. Because of that, I can only award so much praise to the film seeing that it is merely a recast of an already made movie.


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