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‘Sexist’ Brie Larson Captain Marvel Photoshop Angers Left Wing Media

It’s going to be a long six months if stories like this are causing national outrage. Earlier this week, Disney released the teaser trailer to their latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain Marvel which is due out March 8, 2019. Marvel looks to be going all in on the film as Kevin Feige has stated that the character will be the face of the MCU for the foreseeable future.


Snoop Dogg To Trump Supporters: “F*** Him And F*** You Too”

Snoop Dogg has spent years professing his hate for Donald Trump. Last year, his video for Lavender featured the mock execution of a clown dressed as Trump. He then proceeded to photoshop an image of Kanye as a white man after he came out in support of Trump. Two weeks ago Snoop attacked MMA Fighter Darren Till after confusing him with Interm UFC Welterweight Championship Colby Covington for his support of the president. 

Emmy’s Crash To The Lowest Ratings Ever…Again

This year’s show was another celebration of “diversity & inclusion” but there are also a lot of references to Trump and midterms of course. The show opened with a cringe-worthy number about diversity claiming that they solved the problem and same way they claim to solve the #MeToo problem at the Golden Globes.

Cardi B Endorses Cynthia Nixon Months After Complaining About High Taxes

You know if I was a famous rapper who is worth 8 million dollars as of 2018 and I openly complained about the government taking large sums of my money, the first thing I would do is endorse a political candidate who plans are taxing millionaires a historic rate in order to pay for a 7 Billion dollar ‘free’ education system. Well, that is at least what rapper Cardi B did.

Warner Bros Refutes Hollywood Reporter’s Story About Henry Cavill’s Future As Superman

Earlier this morning, it was reported that Henry Cavill would not be reprising his role as Superman in Warner Bros.’ DCEU films. According to The Hollywood Reporter, WB had been trying to enlist Cavill for a Superman cameo in Shazam!, which stars Zachary Levi due out next spring, but contract talks between Cavill’s WME reps and Warners broke down, and the door is now closing on other potential Superman appearances.

Deadspin’s Tom Ley Attacks Spiderman (PS4) For Being Pro-Police

Remember when Video Games Reviews were helpful and actually talked about the games itself? Those were good days. What better day to bash the men and women of the New York Police Department than the 17th anniversary of the September 11th attacks? In an opinion piece/review that would make Colin Kaepernick proud, Deadspin editor Tom Ley took exception to the new PlayStation 4 title, Spiderman.