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Incredibles 2 (Guest Review Featuring ReeYaa)

Whilst Helen is out saving the world as Elastigirl, her husband Bob has hung up the mantle of Mr Incredible to focus full time on raising the kids. Full-time parenting can be hard at the best of times, though, let alone when your children have super-powers that they haven’t quite learnt how to control just yet.


Superfly (2018) Review

This film is the representation of everything that black people try to distance themselves from, only to be reinforced by other black people. Hip Hop culture that sees this type of life as realistic and something to be glorified. Where criminals are portrayed as the good guys, the law is portrayed as the bad guys, and the American Dream is dumbed down to naked women, piles of cash, and a celebration of excess.

Tag (2018) Review

A premise as silly as this surprisingly has a lot of heart in it. The positive messaging about friendships, growing old, and relationships are so refreshing, you wouldn’t believe it came from the writer of Waiting… The soundtrack is energizing, the laughs work, and the ending will leave such a smile on your face, it will be impossible not to love this film. Tag is the best comedy I’ve reviewed in the two years I’ve run this site.

Believer (2018) Review

Believer is beautifully shot and well-paced action thriller. A technically sound film where the acting makes it is a worthwhile watch. Despite some shortcomings, fans of Korean cinema, especially action will find this movie to be very satisfying.

Hereditary Review

Hereditary is a near perfect horror assault on your senses that ups the game in style and execution. A film you have to see for yourself not to give too much away will leave you twisted, disturbed, and amazed.

Ocean’s 8 Review

Ocean’s 8 is full of cameos and full of fun. While the film doesn’t get everything out of it’s cast that will would have liked, there isn’t any question that the result is an entertaining popcorn flick to kick off the Summer movie season. There definitely won’t be any talk ruining the franchise in this one, the spinoff of the remake is in good hands.

Hotel Artemis Review

Hotel Artemis is a film that models itself on the groundwork of other films like John Wick and Smoking Aces, but director and writer Drew Pearce misses the mark on a story that lacks substance and excitement. It may not be a remake, a reboot, or a sequel but sadly it won’t be very memorable when it’s all said and done.

Action Point Review

Action Point offers no story, no solid acting, no real homage to the theme park it’s based on, and even if you came here to get the lowest common denominator of entertainment you are left with much of nothing.

Upgrade Review

If someone was going to make a Robocop remake with Tom Hardy but didn’t have 100 million dollars to make the one with Tom Hardy, this would be the best possible outcome that they could hope for.

Social Animals Review

If you find this film in any way relatable, it’s time to have the long hard look in the mirror because you are doing something if not everything wrong. Social Animals might be a painfully awful comedy, but it is a great instruction manual on how NOT to live your life and that is the only reason to watch this film.