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Guardians of the Galaxy Cast Demand James Gunn Be Rehired, Will Disney Reinstate Him?

330,000 people have also signed a petition asking for Gunn to be reinstated. So why are so many people demanding Gunn be rehired? Better yet, will Disney do a 180 and bring Gunn back after denouncing him just two weeks ago? A better question is, why all the support for James Gunn that wasn’t awarded to others in similar situations in the past. The answer is really simple, politics. 


What Disney’s 21st Century Fox Deal Means For Hollywood and Entertainment

On Friday, Disney and Fox’s shareholders voted to approve The Walt Disney Company’s $71.3 billion purchase of 21st Century Fox. While many people are looking at the surface level outlook of finally getting to see Wolverine teaming with Captain America in the movies, there are others far more concerned about what this means for entertainment now that Disney now officially owns a massive portion of the market share.

Progressive ‘Check-Boxing’ Is Killing Entertainment

It was two years ago during the ‘controversy’ we now know as “#OscarsSoWhite” which was the jumping off point of progressive check-boxing, a problem that is destroying the film industry (among others) as we know it. What is progressive check-boxing you ask? We’ll let’s go back to 2015 to better understand.

Star Wars Is NOT Okay

Star Wars was a three-legged stool. The first leg was the new trilogy that used the original cast, and that ends next year. The second leg was the standalone stories like Solo, which are now toast. The third leg was future trilogies intended to be built on new icons like Rey and Finn, but no on emerged as icons.

Star Wars Episode IX: Revenge Of The Media (And The Assualt On Fans)

Everytime progressives get their hands on a beloved property; THEY decide that it’s time to change it to fit THEIR agenda. Then every time the fans of that property object to their agenda, they demonize those fans as the worst people on earth to deflect and shut down any criticism of their plans. Now Star Wars is the property that progressives have deemed needs to be changed to meet their standards and don’t you dare have a problem with it.

Disney’s Star Wars And The Problem No One Will Talk About

Star Wars is a dark place right now because if you look at the schedule of future movies, the next Star Wars film doesn’t come out until December of 2019. Disney is going to have to sit on this failure for 18 months. Even when we get the new trailer for Episode 9 whenever that is finished, the damage has been done.

Dear #Comicsgate…It’s Time To Move On

Thanks to the Punisher, I became obsessed with street-level heroes like Spiderman, Daredevil, Blade, and the X-Men. I watched the cartoons, read the comics, I was hooked as a fan and never looked back. If you look at my story, I believe this is how the vast majority of people got hooked into the comic industry. A little over 20 years later the company I grew up loving has taken a hard 180 from what made it great.

Richard Meyer AKA ‘Diversity & Comics’ Crowdfunds Over 150K For Graphic Novel ‘Jawbreakers’

Back in February, I wrote an editorial titled Is #MoveTheNeedle The Time For #Comicsgate To Step Up Or Step Aside? Conservative Youtuber Richard Meyer, commonly known as his YouTube name Diversity & Comics rose to fame last year on the back of his videos that criticized the work of various comic book creators (Mainly those under the umbrella of Marvel Comics).