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Classic Disney Films Now Promote ‘Sexist’ Messaging According To Feminists

There is a saying, if you leave a progressive in a padded room by themselves, eventually they will find something in the room that is offensive. As if 3rd wave feminism hasn’t run out of things to complain about, it looks like the new source of ire comes from something that has been around for decades, Classic Disney Films.


Dinesh D’Souza’s Death Of A Nation Outperforms Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9

At first glance, you may look at the box office numbers of Conservative Dinesh D’Souza’s Death Of A Nation and compare that to Progressive Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 and think to yourself “but Fahrenheit 11/9 made more money”. On face value yes, however, there are a lot more variables to this story that the media won’t let you in on, like the fact that they tried to ensure victory for Moore at the expense of D’Souza and failed.

MELTDOWN: Media Attacks Kanye West, Kid Rock, And Jim Brown For White House Meeting With Trump

Barack Obama was considered in many aspects ‘The celebrity president’. Democrats enjoy the luxury of having famous celebrities endorse their platform and their party with no backlash. Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Jay-z, LeBron James, or Taylor Swift. Celebrities are given the platform to endorse Progressives and the media NEVER questions whether these people are qualified to talk about these issues or question their mental well-being in doing so.

Are ‘Woke’ Reboots Hollywood’s Attempt To Rewrite History?

Besides the obvious question of “Who the hell asked for a Charlie’s Angels reboot?” the more important question is “Who the hell asked for a ‘Woke’ Charlie’s Angels reboot?” That’s where it hit me, I started to look around at a lot of recent and future reboots of tv shows and movies and noticed the majority of them are politically progressive. But why would you reboot an already established franchise under the same name just to add a progressive left-wing ideology that wasn’t there in the original? Is Hollywood trying to retroactively rewrite history with Woke Reboots?

Fahrenheit 11/9 Review & Discussion

After spending weeks spiking the football and doing the Milly Rock dance that Hillary was going to win…the votes were counted…and she lost. Suddenly the arrogant glee of progressives turned to shock…and then disbelief…and then denial. After being absolutely assured that Trump won’t win…he won. That brings us to Michael Moore’s latest film Fahrenheit 11/9.  In where he tries to ask the question “How the fuck did this happen?”

Vanity Fair Attacks ‘Jack Ryan’ For American Exceptionalism & ‘Toxic Male Entitlement’

If you want to hold a problematic position in 2018…be patriotic. Whether it’s being an unapologetic supporter of Capitalism, standing during the national anthem, refusing to blame America for all the world problems, believing Karl Marx was wrong, or simply disagreeing with the notion that America was never great. The fastest way to guarantee a bad review for a television show or movie…be patriotic. 

Has Universal Already Blown It With ‘First Man’?

The film First Man is a story about the life of the astronaut, Neil Armstrong, and the legendary space mission that led him to become the first man to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969. Unfortunately, it is also a movie that is gaining attention for all the wrong reasons. More especially it is gaining attention for what the film has chosen not to show than what it will.

Kin Review & Discussion (Entertainment Weekly’s Terrible Take)

I wasn’t expecting a political debate about a borderline throwaway film released during Labor Day Weekend (a graveyard for cinema) yet here I am. Kin, a movie about a boy who finds an alien gun and gets caught up against a bunch of bad people is in theaters on Thursday. I saw the film and enjoyed it, however, I was a bit surprised by the negative reaction behind it. I mean the movie definitely has flaws, but it wasn’t a bad film by any means.

Comicsgate Is Changing The Comic Industry…Whether You Like It Or Not

The progressive left’s need to control the industry will lead to one of three things. First, fans will get so fed up, they will leave the industry and not come back until it is in someone else’s hands. Second, fans will get so desperate for alternative content, they will look elsewhere. This will lead to independent content creators getting more attention than ever before and instead of brand loyalty to Marvel and DC, it will be loyalty on an individual basis which is probably going to be the future of comics if more people follow Richard Meyer’s example.

Guardians of the Galaxy Cast Demand James Gunn Be Rehired, Will Disney Reinstate Him?

330,000 people have also signed a petition asking for Gunn to be reinstated. So why are so many people demanding Gunn be rehired? Better yet, will Disney do a 180 and bring Gunn back after denouncing him just two weeks ago? A better question is, why all the support for James Gunn that wasn’t awarded to others in similar situations in the past. The answer is really simple, politics.