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How Conservatives ‘Olive Branch’ To Cardi B Backfired

What conservatives forgot to understand is the fact that the entertainment industry is no friend to the political right and in record time, Cardi B has not only aggressively denounced those on the right but has become the new progressive darling due to her verbal rants against the same conservatives who once sought to open their arms to her.


Why The All Female Fast and Furious Film Makes No Sense

Yep, you read that right, we are getting an all-female Fast and Furious movie. Look, I understand why there is a Hobbs and Shaw spinoff film in post-production. At least there is a story to sell to audiences. You have The Rock and Jason Statham, two of the biggest action stars in Hollywood in a buddy comedy action flick, there is some appeal there. I honestly can’t tell you what the draw is behind Michelle Rodriguez and what would be considered a sea of minor characters AT BEST getting their own movie.

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The Upside Review/Discussion (The Media’s Attempted Sabotage Of The Film)

Critics have a hard enough time these days maintaining credibility in the face of being called shills for certain studios or even being criticized for being the wrong race and gender to review a movie in the first place. Fair or unfair, it is a bad look for the industry to turn into attack dogs that serve push the agenda of ideologues and I’m saying this as an openly biased critic. Is The Upside a great film? No, but it is a very good one but if you are waiting for mainstream critics to tell you that, you may be dealing with people who decided to sink the movie before it ever had a chance.


Comedy Is Dead…And The Left Killed It

The prevailing narrative created by the left seems to be that if something is offensive to say, then you are not allowed to say it. Some would argue that this believe is the antithesis of a free society but I’m sure those people would be smeared as alt-right for believing in the basic fundamentals of free speech. The one industry where the freedom to say whatever you want in this country used to be the land of stand up comedy.


SocietyReviews Top 10 Best Films of 2018

2018 is in the books and it is time for the Top 10 Best movies of 2018. 2018 brought forward a diverse line of great films. We got faith-based films, Asian films, action film, we even got some horror movies on the list. I’m pretty sure most people reading this will be unfamiliar with a few of these movies so I suggest you check them out as they are worth the watch.


SocietyReviews Top 10 Worst Films of 2018

It’s that time of the year again, for me to take out 12 months of frustration out on the worst pieces of trash that took a minimum of 20 hours out of my life. 2018 was a diverse year in bad films. You had movies that were dull, movies that were offensive, movies that were dumb, and movies that were so dumb you wonder who greenlit them in the first place.  The films that made this list have no enjoyment factor so here is the list of the Top 10 worst movies of 2018 with some Honorable Mentions.