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Kwanza Osajyefo’s Latest Industry Killing ‘Orange Man Bad’ Race-Baiting Comic Book ‘White’

In a world where comic book stores are trying to figure out why they are rapidly going out of business, The Hollywood Reporter is supporting a new six-part series called White. 

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Green Book Review/Discussion: The Truth Behind The Best Picture Meltdown

I honestly didn’t have a dog in Sunday night’s fight for best picture or the Academy Awards in general. Hollywood pretty much ignored the film I believed deserved the award recognition which was Leave No Trace. Despite it being amazing, there was no progressive angle to the film and that is the only thing the Hollywood cared about…progressive politics.

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Run the Race Review/Discussion: A Redemption Story & The Wrap’s Terrible Take

If there is one genre that always gets the toughest treatment in Hollywood, it is faith-based films and here we have one that flew so far under the radar, it’s a bit of a miracle that it got a wide release. If you want to understand the kind of opposition that films which promote Christianity deals with from the media, look no further The Wrap’s review which criticizes this film on the basis that the writer can’t stand…well, on-screen Christians. 


Sexist Trolls Are Already Waging War Against The New Ghostbusters Movie

It’s a shame that in 2019, we are still having to deal with the blatant sexism from internet trolls of a toxic fanbase but here we are. The latest Ghostbusters film is officially in the works as Jason Reitman is at the helm for what is officially being called Ghostbusters 3, however there are quite a few man-babies out there that can’t handle the fact that Ghostbusters isn’t being catered to them anymore and instead will be marketed to a more ‘inclusive’ audience. 


The Epic Dumpster Fire That Is The Jussie Smollett “MAGA Country” Hoax

There is no way to sugarcoat this, if you believed that Jussie’s story was true, you are either a liar or a sucker. You are either a complete dope who will believe anything the media tells you because you have convinced yourself that the media is on your side and it’s their job to ‘tell the truth’ or you knew this story was a pile of crap from the jump but you decided to gaslight it anyway because you (like Jussie) saw it as an opportunity to project your hate for Trump supporters through this story and give yourself a false sense of validation. 


Marvel’s Captain America Denounces His Country, This Is Why #Comicsgate Was Created

If you have been a member of #comicsgate for the last couple of years, then you KNEW this day was coming, there was no other outcome than this. You put a man who is notorious for making statements that display his hatred for America and Patriotism as the writer of the most patriotic superhero not named Superman and it was no surprise that just 7 issues in, Captain America has denounced his country because the President of the United States is a Russian Agent…THIS is why ComicsGate exists.