Are ‘Woke’ Reboots Hollywood’s Attempt To Rewrite History?

Besides the obvious question of “Who the hell asked for a Charlie’s Angels reboot?” the more important question is “Who the hell asked for a ‘Woke’ Charlie’s Angels reboot?” That’s where it hit me, I started to look around at a lot of recent and future reboots of tv shows and movies and noticed the majority of them are politically progressive. But why would you reboot an already established franchise under the same name just to add a progressive left-wing ideology that wasn’t there in the original? Is Hollywood trying to retroactively rewrite history with Woke Reboots?


‘Sexist’ Brie Larson Captain Marvel Photoshop Angers Left Wing Media

It’s going to be a long six months if stories like this are causing national outrage. Earlier this week, Disney released the teaser trailer to their latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain Marvel which is due out March 8, 2019. Marvel looks to be going all in on the film as Kevin Feige has stated that the character will be the face of the MCU for the foreseeable future.

Fahrenheit 11/9 Review & Discussion

After spending weeks spiking the football and doing the Milly Rock dance that Hillary was going to win…the votes were counted…and she lost. Suddenly the arrogant glee of progressives turned to shock…and then disbelief…and then denial. After being absolutely assured that Trump won’t win…he won. That brings us to Michael Moore’s latest film Fahrenheit 11/9.  In where he tries to ask the question “How the fuck did this happen?”

Snoop Dogg To Trump Supporters: “F*** Him And F*** You Too”

Snoop Dogg has spent years professing his hate for Donald Trump. Last year, his video for Lavender featured the mock execution of a clown dressed as Trump. He then proceeded to photoshop an image of Kanye as a white man after he came out in support of Trump. Two weeks ago Snoop attacked MMA Fighter Darren Till after confusing him with Interm UFC Welterweight Championship Colby Covington for his support of the president. 

A Simple Favor Review

The struggle has been real for Paul Feig who still hasn’t gotten over the fact that his 2016 Ghostbusters remake didn’t pan out the way he would have hoped. Fortunately for him, his first film back in the director’s chair since that debacle is a much better effort, like MUCH better.

Emmy’s Crash To The Lowest Ratings Ever…Again

This year’s show was another celebration of “diversity & inclusion” but there are also a lot of references to Trump and midterms of course. The show opened with a cringe-worthy number about diversity claiming that they solved the problem and same way they claim to solve the #MeToo problem at the Golden Globes.

Mandy (2018) Review

There are two things that Nicolas Cage is known for, being really weird and doing really weird movies. Well, it looks like he has finally found a film where both of those things have worked in his favor.

The Predator Review

The last thing 20th Century Fox wanted is a scandal attached to their $90 million dollar blockbuster but they got it. However, with all the talk of registered sex offenders and female predators, you would forget that there is actually a movie attached to all this. Shane Black is a polarizing director for me (and possibly Olivia Munn).