Aquaman Review: The Best DCEU Film To Date Still Has Its Issues

It feels like the DC Extended Universe is falling apart at the seams over the last year or so. Justice League bombed at the box office, Ben Affleck is out as Batman, Henry Cavill out as Superman, Wonder Woman 1984’s release pushed back to 2020, Ezra Miller still has a job as Barry Allen, and God knows what’s happening to The Joker right now. Things don’t look particularly great for the DC film franchise, but there is hope. People still like Jason Momoa and Warner Bros haven’t screwed that up yet.


The Sheer Hypocrisy Behind The Progressive Outrage That Brought Down Kevin Hart’s Oscar Gig

During this past summer, countless left-wing outlets and personalities condemned those who wanted far-left Director James Gunn to be fired for his decade-old ‘jokes’ that were dug up on his Twitter account. It didn’t matter how disgusting and disturbing the content of those tweets were, if you were one of the people who exposed him leading to his firing as Director of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, some people went as far to call you ‘Cyber Nazis’. Even the entire cast of the movie came out in solidarity for a man they believed to be wrongly prosecuted in the eyes of the public. The message couldn’t have been more clear, believing people should be held accountable for things that were allegedly said in humor nearly ten years ago made you part of the problem…so why are the same people who feel that way back in July doing the exact same thing to Kevin Hart?

Leave No Trace Review: The Troubling Line Between Independence And Endangerment

I guess I should give credit to Victor Morton, the Rightwing Film Geek for this film recommendation…but I won’t. I can already tell you that my Best & Worst films of 2018 will be VASTLY different from the Academy and the Foreign Press because as the 2019 Golden Globes nominations have been announced, sadly the film Leave No Trace is nowhere to be found, but they found a spot for Black Panther so no one could excuse them of being racist (this year).

Unstoppable (2018) Review: Don’t Believe The Hype, This Isn’t The Film You Are Expecting

Despite being a Korean release, it’s sad to say that Unstoppable (2018) is one of the most disappointing films of the year. Don Lee (Ma Dong-Seok) stars as a fish market worker who is trying to right the wrong of some bad investments that have put a stranglehold on his marriage. One night, after getting into a minor traffic incident, the couple runs into a group of shady people who have a particular interest in his wife. It turns out the group is a dangerous human sex trafficking ring who kidnaps women and pay off their significant other. With little help from police and time running out, Lee must take the law into his own hands if he ever wants to see his wife again.

Default (2018) Review: Korea’s ‘Big Short’ Falls ‘Just Shy’

It is impossible to avoid comparisons to the 2015 American film The Big Short when talking about this South Korean drama. Set during the 1997 Asian currency meltdown, Default is a film that covers the impending bankruptcy of South Korea from three different perspectives. A Senior financial analyst who tries to warn her sexist government the country will be broke in just one week, a former banker who sees the financial collapse of his country as the investment opportunity of a lifetime, and the people of the country who are about to experience the worst financial crisis in history.

The Possession of Hannah Grace Review: In This Verison Of Boston, Not One Person Wears A Tom Brady Jersey

November 30th, 2018 will forever be known as the week Hollywood took a knee and gave up on theatrical film releases. The only wide theatrical release this week is a late November horror film called The Possession of Hannah Grace starring Shay Mitchell, the 4th best actress from Pretty Little Liars. Well Hollywood, if you don’t give damn, we don’t a give f***.

Anne Hathaway Claims Trump Used ‘Lethal Force’ Against Children

Last Sunday, thousands of illegal immigrants who were supposed to be thousands of miles away from a caravan that was supposed to be imaginary stormed the border after Jim Acosta insisted they were not going to do so. As border patrol deployed standard riot control tactics to break up the crowd, one image was shopped around the networks which have led to actress Anne Hathaway to accuse her country of ‘using lethal force’ to ‘gas children’.