No Manches Frida 2 Review: Eléctrico Boogaloo

Back in 2016, No Manches Frida, a film which was one of my favorites of the year, was a screwball comedy that was very entertaining and highly enjoyable. There was great chemistry and comedic timing by the film’s leads Omar Chaparro and Martha Higareda. The younger cast stole the show and ultimately made the movie. The reason why it got a lower score, however, was the fact that it was nearly a shot for shot remake of a German film Fack ju Göhte, it was based on.

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Well, imagine my shock when I discovered that there was a sequel called No Manches Frida 2. This film isn’t a shot for shot remake of the German film Fack ju Göhte 2 and because of that, there is absolutely nothing going for this film. No Manches Frida 2 begins with our main characters Zequi (Omar Chaparro) and Lucy (Martha Higareda) who are on the eve of their wedding day. After Zequi gets too drunk at his bachelor party, he unintentionally ruins his own wedding day and Lucy decides to leave him. Meanwhile the school they work at is in danger of being shut down and the only way to save it is to go to the coast and bring home some championships in various competitions. While down there, Zequi must win back Lucy’s heart before she runs back into the arms of a social media obsessed ex-boyfriend.

As mentioned before No Manches Frida was nearly a shot for shot remake of the German film that it was based on. Meaning that the movie had a plot and structure to follow. This time around, the film is forced to create their own story and it fails miserably at it. It takes about 20 minutes to figure out what the plot of this movie is and it is paper thin at best. A group of trouble making kids head to a resort in Mexico, where they must win a dance competition in order to save their school from getting shutdown. How does that make sense? It doesn’t. No Manches Frida 2 just goes through the motions without ever establishing a narrative. All of the returning characters lose everything that made them likable in the first movie. There are numerous subplots with secondary characters that go nowhere with no payoff while the central story is a telenovela love triangle that has been done to death.

Pantelion Films

No Manches Frida 2 provides a few funny gags along with the gorgeous Martha Higareda but without a blueprint to follow, there is no creativity to be found here. The moral of this story is “no Arruines algo bueno”.




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10 thoughts on “No Manches Frida 2 Review: Eléctrico Boogaloo

  1. I think you are completely wrong about the movie. The whole movie was full of jokes and you probably didn’t understand most of them unless you speak the language.

      1. There were more jokes in the second one and in my opinion it was better the second one than the first one. The first one was less funny than the new one.

  2. Cute movie! Funny!
    Although I don’t speak Spanish, I read the subscript and was able to follow the story easily. I didn’t see the first movie, but I plan to see it soon. The theme was familiar; however, it held my interest. The awesome music kept the energy flowing! Love the sound track!

  3. One of the worst representatives of the Mexican movie industry. The movie is awful, absurd and poorly acted. Not even Adam Sandler would make a movie like this one.

  4. Hi, im mexican and film critic. And i just want to tell you, that No manches Frida 2 is Awful, not funny and have so many bad jokes.

  5. i’m mexican and this movie is the best movie ever film… ohh yeah it was a joke!

    This movie sucks!!! there is a saying that “esta película no tiene pies ni cabeza” on english will be “this movie doesn’t have foots or head” that means here the movie doesn’t have script, history, bad jokes, situation out of context and a lot of more awfull things..

    We have a problem whit our cinema productions and “no manches frida 2” is the example.. please don’t suport it!

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