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No Manches Frida 2 Review: Eléctrico Boogaloo

No Manches Frida was nearly a shot for shot remake of the German film that it was based on. Meaning that the movie had a plot and structure to follow. This time around, the film is forced to create their own story and it fails miserably at it.

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Superfly (2018) Review

This film is the representation of everything that black people try to distance themselves from, only to be reinforced by other black people. Hip Hop culture that sees this type of life as realistic and something to be glorified. Where criminals are portrayed as the good guys, the law is portrayed as the bad guys, and the American Dream is dumbed down to naked women, piles of cash, and a celebration of excess.

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Overboard (2018) Review

So apparently, you Canucks don’t have access to the great American export of Trash Hollywood Remakes so I’m stepping in this week for a review of Overboard (2018). Believe it or not, there are other movies in theatres not named Avengers: Infinity War. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the alternatives are very good.