The Beguiled (2017) Review: Repressed Sexuality Is A Killer

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The Beguiled is a remake of the 1971 film starring Clint Eastwood by the same name, and that is the biggest problem with the film. The 2017 film is almost a copy and paste of the 1971 film. Three years into the American Civil War, injured Union soldier John McBurney (Colin Farrell) is rescued by a young girl in the woods of rural Mississippi. She brings him back to an all-girls boarding school. The headmistress (Nicole Kidman) reluctantly agrees to take him in until he is healthy enough to leave. What proceeds is a group of young women swooning over their attractive hostage until one night caused the dominos of mayhem to fall.

If you recall my review of No Manches Frida, it was a film I really enjoyed, the problem was it was basically a shot for shot remake of the original, so I couldn’t rate it too high based on originality and I have the same problem here. The film itself is great, Sofia Coppola paces this film brilliantly and greatly recaptures the Civil War South even with the small canvas the film is given. The women carry the film, especially Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning and that’s a good thing. My problem with this film isn’t a lack of effort, more like a lack of creativity. This is a great commercial for the 1971 film for those who haven’t seen it and if you have seen it, then you have pretty much already watched this film down to the scene with the pet turtle.

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If you are a fan of Southern Gothic, I definitely recommend this one to you. The Beguiled is worth a watch, especially for guys because playing with repressed sexuality will 9/10 burn you in the end.




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