The Emoji Movie Review: A Horrible Hollywood Idea

Sony Pictures Animaiton

Did anybody think The Emoji Movie was going to be any good? It’s a film about fucking Emojis for Christ sake. The trailer made me slam my head on the desk. A room full of coked up hipsters during a round of blow came up with this genius idea “Hey let’s make a movie about cell phone happy faces!”

Remember, there is actually a group of people in Hollywood who have the nerve to tell aspiring screenwriters that their work is amateur while they give 50 million dollars to create this cinematic dumpster fire. The Emoji Movie fails as a film that adults want to see, kids want to see, and anyone not under the influence of narcotics will want to see it either. T.J. Miller stars as the ‘meh’ Emoji which means displays displeasure and disinterest…just like in real life. Poor little Emoji wants to find himself and be more than what he is and Dear God who thought this was a good idea? A smorgasbord of C-List celebrities lends their voices in what was surely a payment for a new Man Cave right before football season.

Sony Pictures Animaiton

The only reason this film exists is that Sony wanted some Ad Revenue and used a bunch of tech companies to give product placement. The Emoji Movie is a certified lock for Top 10 Worst Films Of 2017, avoid at all costs.




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