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LEGO Movie 2 The Second Part Review: Eh…It’s Okay

What Hollywood doesn’t understand is that while the film was successful, the novelty of it doesn’t exactly have a long shelf live. In 2017, I said that “You can only make so many ‘wink wink nudge nudge’ jokes before eventually, you will have no choice but to carry your own story and the plot begins to become more complicated than it needs to be”…Enter The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.

Film Reviews

Incredibles 2 (Guest Review Featuring ReeYaa)

Whilst Helen is out saving the world as Elastigirl, her husband Bob has hung up the mantle of Mr Incredible to focus full time on raising the kids. Full-time parenting can be hard at the best of times, though, let alone when your children have super-powers that they haven’t quite learnt how to control just yet.