Incredibles 2 (Guest Review Featuring ReeYaa)

Here to review Incredibles 2 is Short Abe From ReeYaa. Make Sure to their page in the links down below.

Movie Review: An average Pixar/Disney film.

I wasn’t impressed at all. I am sure many reviewers will give in to the Disney propaganda machine but I will not bite. If you have read my past reviews then you should be aware that I am straight forward guy and have very simple reviews. So here we go.

The first Incredibles was much better.

The comedy and many lines felt forced and it felt flat.

The story was underwhelming and has many pointless dialogue/scenes.

The animation was spectacular. And some of the action scenes were done well.

The best part of the movie is with Edna Mode. She is the eccentric fashion designer who designs superhero costumes. Many speculate she was based on classic designer Edith Head. I love Edith Head and her designs – also – who doesn’t love an Eisenhower supporter. Edna may be based on Ann Wintour. I doubt this because of the visual designs which has modern and 50’s style designs.

It was just an average Pixar/Disney movie and some adults will not be impressed. However – if you want a family outing with your kids then this movie will do its job. Incredibles 2 does just enough to entertain children and teenagers.

ReeYaa Grade = C

Leftist Social Engineering (LSE)

LSE is noticeable but not always in your face like The Last Jedi. There are scenes with subtle word play. (Words such as legal and illegal) Woman empowerment and other false narratives from the Left were used. It was nothing serious though and it wasn’t annoying. Most people will not notice it because it was mostly subtle. The teenage daughter Violet had a few lines that made you scratch your head. You shouldn’t be concern if you take your children to this movie. Your kids will not be reciting Karl Marx after the movie.

ReeYaa Score = Med

Thoughts on the Cast & Production Team:

I have no problem with the whole cast except for Samuel L. Jackson, a misinformed race baiter.

Craig T Nelson – Who doesn’t love Coach Hayden Fox? Don’t you miss those types of TV shows? He is a common sense type of guy. He deserves more work if you ask me – a hard working actor for years.

Holly Hunter – She is a left-winger but as far as I know she is not a full of sh!t one. I loved her work in the Piano and seem like a down-to-earth actress.

Director Brad Bird worked very hard to get where he is at. He has been around the game for a very long time. I have no problem with him.

ReeYaa Score = Approve

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