Star Wars Is NOT Okay

I hate to say I told you but…I told you so.

Don’t let the Kelly Marie Tran story distract you from the fact that  Solo: A Star Wars Story has bombed at the box office.

Don’t let the Kelly Marie Tran story distract you from the fact The Last Jedi made 700 million dollars less than The Force Awakens.

Don’t let the Kelly Marie Tran story distract you from the fact both movies are disliked by the fanbase.

Don’t let the Kelly Marie Tran story distract you from the fact all future Disney’s Star Wars spinoff movies have been put on hold due to the box office failure of Solo.

Don’t let the Kelly Marie Tran story distract you from the fact Star Wars Is NOT Okay.

Disney was brimming with plans to fill out the Star Wars universe with standalone stories like Rogue One and Solo. In fact, movies about Obi-Wan Kenobi and the bounty hunter Boba Fett were already in active development along with three new trilogies including one from Last Jedi director, Rian Johnson.

Collider is now reporting Lucasfilm has retreated from these plans in order to “focus their attention on Star Wars: Episode IX and how to proceed after that. Disney paid $4.06 billion to buy the rights to Stars Wars from George Lucas and they aren’t even close to getting that money back.

According to Deadline, 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, grossed $780 million in net profit. The Last Jedi generated $418 million in net profit. Rogue One brought in $319 million. That is roughly 1.5 billion in net profit. Now subtract at least a $250 million loss for Solo and a fractured fanbase, Disney is in trouble.

Don’t let the Kelly Marie Tran story distract you from the fact that if Star Wars: Episode IX bombs in 2019, it is over for Disney’s Star Wars…good luck with Fox though!


Is Disney’s “Star Wars” Universe Imploding?

A report by Grace Randolph of Beyond the Trailer, is making rounds today as it states that Disney is trying to fire Kathleen Kennedy as the head of Lucasfilm due to the polarization of the fanbase with The Last Jedi and the box office flop of Solo: A Star Wars Story. The feeling is that Disney is on the brink of losing the fan base and can’t afford another flop for Episode IX due out at the end of 2019. The problem is, however, is that no one is willing to step up and take her spot. JJ Abrams, Randolph reports was offered the job but turned it down flat. “Several” others were approached.

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13 thoughts on “Star Wars Is NOT Okay

  1. If they don’t keep the cost of Episode IX below 200 million they will probably lose money on that as well. They really pissed off at least half the fans with The Last Jedi and they won’t be coming back, unless Disney makes it clear they’re sorry and are looking to change. Since, instead, they’ve allowed their writers, directors and their shill media to call the fans racist, misogynist and “man babies” I think that pretty much seals the deal. SJWs destroy everything.

  2. Disney is a joke of a company at this point…their goal is to sell a product, not monopolize and ruin franchises.

    also they won’t fire their terrible feminist star wars head

  3. I agree, but I don’t think you’re being completely fair on all accounts. For when comparing The Force Awakens and Last Jedi’s box-office income so closely isn’t fair. EP7 was a major event in movie history that brought back one of the biggest franchises from the dead. The Last Jedi never held a chance, to begin with.

    Yes, both of those are disliked, but I’d say an even bigger quantity likes both movies. This can be supported by the CinemaScore.That’s not to take away from the number of people that didn’t like it. Especially with the Last Jedi, I’d say the number of people who despised it was more than what anyone could’ve expected.

    Wait. Is Rian Johnson actually getting his own trilogy? Of what? I haven’t heard anything about this until recently.

    1. Star Wars was very much alive, just not with movies. The expanded universe was going great with books, comics, games etc, but Disney killed all that off when they bought it.

  4. I feel like the franchise is doomed whatever they do… continue as TLJ set out and lose even more audience, or retcon it all AGAIN making all three films disjointed and poorly planned. Not that the og trilogy was flawless in this regard, but that doesn’t excuse poor writing now, especially with the money involved. The fact that Disney gave RJ the rights to an entire trilogy on TLJ alone and before it’s release speaks volumes as to what they had intended. If they back out now, it will be obvious, such was the effect of TLJ.

  5. I just rewatched Episodes I, II, and III. They are works of high art compared to the cold tripe dished up the the SJW division of Disney.

      1. I saw TFA and was not impressed at all. JJ Abrams doing his standard color-by-numbers schtick. Any character that wasn’t in the original trilogy was a cheap knock-off of a character that was. The only thing original was Rey’s self-baking bun. At least the prequels gave us cityscapes while TFA gave us a rehash of a desert planet. It was so bad that it killed any interest for R1, TLJ, or Solo.

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