Digimon Adventures Tri Coexistence Review: Dropping The Ball In 4K

Last year I reviewed Digimon Adventure Tri. Chapter 1: Reunion. It was the first  Digimon animated series based on the original characters in 16 years. A crisp new animation style to continue a story that fans have waited for since their teens. I really enjoyed the first chapter, but watching the next three gave me more questions than answers. Where the hell is everyone from season 2? Wasn’t Yggdrasil a villain in a completely different series of Digimon?

Why is Meiko the central focus of this show? Slowly after asking these questions, I noticed a pattern of how these chapters play out. Each chapter is a series of 4-5 episodes, the build is usually slower with some downright filler and then in the last episode is where the action really happens, ending on a cliffhanger. With four chapters down, there is no time to quit so here is Chapter 5: Coexistence.

Immediately following the events of Chapter 4: Loss, an enraged Meicoomon begins to attack both the real world and the digital world. Homeostasis decided that they must eliminate her as her power has grown too large and jeopardizes both worlds. Homeostasis sends Jesmon, a member of the Royal Knights to take out the now evolved Raguelmon only for Alphamon to join the fray. The DigiDestined unsure of who their true enemy is, attempts to save Raguelmon but are completely overwhelmed by the power of the royal knights. In despair, Kari becomes engulfed in violet digital code which causes Nyaromon to digivolve into Ophanimon and merge with Raguelmon creating a massive winged Digimon that begins to engulf The Real World in complete darkness.

Here is what so frustrating about the Digimon Tri saga. At the start, we were told we were getting six chapters of a new saga that would explore things that the original series didn’t. After the first two chapters, I was really intrigued about how this story would unfold. However, I’m now sitting here three chapters later waiting for this story to end. The majority of the content of this series feels like filler and for a story with only 6 chapters that is not a good thing. Digimon Tri has left questions unanswered now for 5 chapters and with only one more remaining and I can’t trust them to answer them all in time.

The complete lack of information of the Season 2 DigiDestined is stunning, especially since we know they are all in this universe. Digimon Tri has teased the appearance of Ken as the Digimon Emperor for 5 chapters now and we are no closer to explaining what happened to him than we were 8 months ago. You can’t just have 4 main characters disappear without any explanation or at least a tease that something bigger is going on here. The characters in the show are completely confused about who the real enemy is and their confusion matches the fans. I honestly can’t tell you for certain what the hell is going on at this point.

The nostalgia has worn off for me and now I just want an explanation which I don’t have to wait for the Summer of 2018 (which is when the last chapter is expected to be finished) to get. The promotional posters for this episode featured Ophanimon, who literally doesn’t show up until the last 4 minutes of the episode and does nothing but get sucked up into a giant hole. Look I want to like this series, I really do, but the series is basically tying a $5 bill to a string and pulling it away from you every time you think you are getting closer to an answer. I have no idea how Chapter 6 is going to end, I only hope that when it does, that this 16-year wait wasn’t a massive waste of time.




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4 thoughts on “Digimon Adventures Tri Coexistence Review: Dropping The Ball In 4K

  1. Wow…. they’re already on Chapter 5. I’ve only seeing up to Chapter 2 (I usually watch the English Dub, so I wait until the English versions get released). Judging from your review it feels like you share the same feeling that I do. Chapter 1 was my favorite, but Chapter 2 lost a lot of novelty, especially when they try to introduce new elements without very little explanation. Plus, I agree with you…. where are the characters from Season 2!!!

    1. Dude, there are so many unexplained plot holes in this series right now, your head will explode by Chapter 4. I mean 5 out of 6 chapters down and no one seems concerned that Davis, Ken, Yolei, and Cody have been missing and we know they exist in this universe.

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