Digimon Adventure Tri. Future Review: A Merciful End To Digimon Tri

We have arrived at the disappointing destination of the Digimon Adventure Tri Saga, Digimon Adventure Tri. Chapter 6: Future. After five chapters with only one more to go, they are far too many unanswered questions that should have been answered by now. A lot like Avengers: Infinity War, this should be the climax of a saga, not another chapter where we hope that longstanding plot holes are finally addressed.

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Digimon Adventure Tri. Chapter 6: Future starts immediately after the events of Chapter 5, An evil fusion Digimon named Ordinemon threatens both the real world and the digital world with its mere existence. Homeostasis is not willing to take any chances with this threat and intents to reboot all digital technology in the Real World to stop Ordinemon. However, this plan would destroy all artificial technology on the planet, sending the world back to the stone ages. With Ordinemon threatening to destroy all life in both worlds, tough decisions must be made to ensure the survival of the human race.

I had to look at my last review and see if any of the important questions were answered in this chapter. Where is the hell is everyone from season 2? Well, we discovered that the entire 02 cast who has been missing with no explanation was kidnapped before the events of Chapter 1 and somehow no one realized this until now. They don’t even show  you their faces while they were saved off-screen. Wasn’t Yggdrasil a villain in a completely different series of Digimon (Savers)? Yes…why is it in this series of Digimon? Who knows? They don’t tell you anything about Yggdrasil or show what it looks like. Why is Meiko the central focus of this series? I guess the plot couldn’t happen without her or something. The plot of Digimon Tri’s is just majorly disappointing and the best parts of this series involve nostalgia of the original series.

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Looking at Chapter 6 with a microscope, you get a mixed bag of good and bad.  You start with an emotional moment with Matt and Gabumon which is really well done along which the arrival of Ordinemon. Ordinemon’s scale of destruction is massive and it definitely feels like the highest stakes of the Digimon Adventures era thus far. The negatives that weigh this chapter down is the writing and the missed opportunities. I believe Digimon Tamers is the greatest season ever (a statement that is cemented with the release of Digimon Tri) because they were able to do so much with just a handful of characters and it worked. Here, you have 8 DigiDestined (excluding the 4 from season 2 that didn’t get a second of airtime) and everyone outside of the usual Matt, Tai, and arguably Izzy is completely underused.

Digimon Tri makes up for the lack of Mega Level Digimon from the first two seasons, but they are ultimately just as useless here because it all comes back to Tai and Matt. Meiko who has been the focal point of this entire miniseries is barely a focus at all in chapter 6 which begs the question why was she such a focal point if you did nothing with her? The sub-villain in this series Dark Gennai, leaves so many unanswered questions as they literally explain nothing about him in six chapters and they leave his fate on a cliffhanger. The main villain of Yggdrasil is never shown at any point while being the big bad calling the shots.

Toei Animation

As a fan of Digimon, it’s damn near impossible to turn your brain off and look past the plot holes, the terrible writing, and inconsistency with this series. It’s impossible to give this series a pass if you are watching this as a fan. If you are not a fan and this was your first experience with Digimon, it’s okay. I don’t think you will be willing to wait another year to find out how this goes but if they do proceed with another miniseries, I can only hope they clean house with the writers. Was Digimon Adventure Tri. Chapter 6: Future worth the 16 years wait? I can’t say you won’t leave this series disappointed but it doesn’t leave the franchise in a better position than Season 2 did.




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  1. Damn it…that sucks to hear about this movie. I watched and reviewed the first two movies (I have Chapter 3 on Blu-ray, but haven’t watched it). Still, its sad to hear that this movie series had such potential….

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