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Underwater Review: It’s Dead Space But Underwater And Not As Good

Underwater feels like a film that had A quality potential but has a C movie effort. A film that is too generic for its own good, likely to be forgotten in the January release graveyard.

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Deadpool 2 Review

Deadpool 2 does have plenty of genuine laughs and I can’t say that it’s a bad movie. However, the film doesn’t offer much more than that which is why it’s such a letdown from what the first Deadpool was.

Film Reviews

Ready Player One Review

As fun as Ready Player One is, there is a very important message about living life and not letting your online persona define you because you never truly know what is real or fake in an online bubble. With that said, Ready Player One is easily the most fun I’ve had in the theater all year and I have a hard time believing the audience won’t enjoy it either.