Underwater Review: It’s Dead Space But Underwater And Not As Good

Believe it or not, somebody out there named Kristen Stewart the actress of the decade…why? Hell if I know.

But someone also thought she was good enough to carry a near 100 million dollar sci-fi horror flick on her own…why? Hell if I know.

20th Century Fox

Underwater is the latest attempt at a January sleeper hit film and believe it or not, It is almost a good movie…almost. If you can make it past it’s poorly structured 1st act with uneven pacing and straight-up miscast performances, there are some golden nuggets to his mess. Underwater feels like someone wanted to make a Dead Space movie based on the games but set the film in the ocean rather than outer space. The nature of the monsters feels very much like the Alien franchise and you can tell that the producers envisioned Kristen Stewart to be their Ripley but she just doesn’t have the believable factor to pull it off.

One of the biggest problems the film has is its lack of world-building. The film just jumps into the fray without explaining anything and thinks that giving us extremely bland carbon copy characters will make up for it. T.J. Miller is back playing T.J. Miller who really doesn’t add much to the film outside of that. The characters are too many and too generic to envoke any real emotion out of the audience. A less is more approach would have done this film wonders in that respect. Underwater does eventually begin to resemble a film that is somewhat exciting but by the time you get to the good part, you will wonder why we wasted so much precious time and effort getting there.

20th Century Fox

Underwater feels like a film that had A quality potential but has a C movie effort. A film that is too generic for its own good, likely to be forgotten in the January release graveyard.







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