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The Divine Fury Review: An Action-Horror Film That Packs Quite The Intense Punch

The Divine Fury is still a good watch despite the need for some narrative trimming. A little sharping would have made this a much better film but it is anything but a waste for what you get.

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Halloween (2018) Review: As Forgettable As The Last 10 Movies It Ignored

The old school slasher genre of horror is pretty much dead these days. The general thinking, however, is that if there is one franchise to bring life to the dying breed, it’s Michael Myers and Halloween. I don’t know how many Halloween films there has been, but I’m positive that at least 8-9 of them have been retconned to make this new film work (suck it Rob Zombie).

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The Nun Review

Back in 2016, The Conjuring 2 was such a smash hit not only at the box office but the positive feedback of the monster was so strong, Warner Bros greenlit a spinoff starring the character. Unfortunately, if you like The Conjuring 2, The Nun does not pack the same punch as the film you saw two years ago.