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Escape Room Review: An Enjoyable But Overdone Puzzle Game

January is a known dumping ground for bad movies and with Escape Room being the only major release this week, it’s pretty obvious that Hollywood isn’t even going to try this year. But is the movie based on the popular group puzzle game really that bad?


Halloween (2018) Review: As Forgettable As The Last 10 Movies It Ignored

The old school slasher genre of horror is pretty much dead these days. The general thinking, however, is that if there is one franchise to bring life to the dying breed, it’s Michael Myers and Halloween. I don’t know how many Halloween films there has been, but I’m positive that at least 8-9 of them have been retconned to make this new film work (suck it Rob Zombie).

Mandy (2018) Review

There are two things that Nicolas Cage is known for, being really weird and doing really weird movies. Well, it looks like he has finally found a film where both of those things have worked in his favor.

The Nun Review

Back in 2016, The Conjuring 2 was such a smash hit not only at the box office but the positive feedback of the monster was so strong, Warner Bros greenlit a spinoff starring the character. Unfortunately, if you like The Conjuring 2, The Nun does not pack the same punch as the film you saw two years ago.

The Meg Review

Five years ago, expert sea diver and Naval Captain Jonas Taylor encountered an unknown danger in the unexplored recesses of the Mariana Trench that forced him to abort his mission and abandon half his crew. Though the tragic incident earned him a dishonorable discharge, what ultimately cost him his career, his marriage and any semblance of honor.

Unfriended: Dark Web Review

The first Unfriended movie wasn’t a smashing box office success, it wasn’t even very good, but the film cost $7 and a sandwich to make so a second movie is here under the title Unfriended: Dark Web. The Dark Web or Deep Web in some circles has been known among online communities for a while now. Basically, it is the part of the internet that can’t be traced through search engines, making the user anonymous and nearly impossible to track.

The First Purge Review

The First Purge is the mental breakdown of a Marxist Hollywood screenwriter pandering to the “Literally Hitler” crowd because Hillary Clinton lost the election two years ago. If you were looking answers to long-asked questions or even an expansion of the plot, you’ll probably never get it after this film earns the lowest opening gross at the box office in the entire franchise’s history. I wonder why?

Hereditary Review

Hereditary is a near perfect horror assault on your senses that ups the game in style and execution. A film you have to see for yourself not to give too much away will leave you twisted, disturbed, and amazed.

Truth or Dare Review

Lucy Hale, star of one of the dumbest television shows in recent memory (Pretty Little Liars) stars in one of the dumbest films in recent memory. If you saw the trailer to Truth or Dare, you likely thought the same thing watching it. The story goes, a group of college kids go down south to Mexico (where all good things happen) and find some rundown Church in the middle of nowhere (where I’m sure nothing but good things happen). After being lured down to play a weird game of Truth or Dare, the game becomes real and follows them home except this time if they don’t play, they die.