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Like A Boss Review: Only Wine Aunts & Fur Parents Could Enjoy This

Trying to take the heat away from the film's leads is exactly how another stinker like this gets made 2-3 years from now by creators who simply don't get the picture.

There are so many layers of failure to this film, you have to pick it apart piece by piece. There are three reasons why Like A Boss systematically fails as a buddy comedy film.

  • Rose Bryne and Tiffany Haddish have ZERO chemistry.

It was actually sad to watch these two actresses, one of which is apparently a comedian, have no concept of improv or playing off of each other strengths as they struggle for 80 minutes to make audiences believe that these two polar opposites have been friends since middle school. Everything about the set up of this film feels as believable as the WWE without the satisfying ending of a match.

  • The characters are not likable…actually, no one in this film is likable.

One of the most glaring issues that prop up whenever you have progressives at the helm of writing and creating a world full of people is that their ideology serves to create generally unlikeable personalities that can only be relatable to people who are equally as empty and unlikeable as them. The concept of two vulgar 40-year-old single progressive women who put their careers over family while having the most paper-thin definition of relationships only appeals to the people who refer to their dogs as children. This creates a cinematic vacuum with the viewer who does not only disconnect the story but has even less sympathy with the protagonists. With strike one and strike two down, that leads us with strike three.

  • The movie is painfully unfunny.

Somehow in the last couple of years, Hollywood decided that Tiffany Haddish was funny enough to carry her own film using the Kevin Hart method of loud and black. However, when someone even less funny than you in hands you garbage material and expects you to make up the difference, comedic chops get exposed real quick because outside of yelling at other characters, she brings nothing to the table and relying on her to save your material make this film DOA.

Everything here is an abject failure that can even dust up enough material to fit an 80-minute runtime. Trying to take the heat away from the film’s leads is exactly how another stinker like this gets made 2-3 years from now by creators who simply don’t get the picture. Like A Boss is a solid entry into the worst of 2020 film catalog.






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