Netflix’s ‘AJ and the Queen’ Blatantly Sexualizes Children

Progressives continued push to normalize children’s relationship with adult drag queens is going to end poorly before it ends well. Netflix’s new show co-created by popular drag queen RuPaul, titled AJ and the Queen, is already raising eyebrows after one of their episodes shows a 10-year-old girl being repeatedly sexualized by a group of adult drag queens.


The premise of the show is a 10-year-old girl who dressed like a boy,  travels around the country to different gay bars with drag performer named “Ruby Red” played by Ru Paul. The video clip first reported by Elise Ehrhard of NewsBusters shows, the group of drag queens repeatedly make sexual jokes and references in the presence of a child that would make any reasonable parent upset.

As seen in the two-minute clip below, the drag queens make repeated sexual references in front of the kid, one “adjusts” himself in front of the child which is later played as the setup of a joke, and the end of the scene, one of the queens refers to the minor as a “top”

The irony of the show’s message is that the child’s mother is a drug-addicted prostitute but somehow that means the kid will be in better hands with a traveling circus of drag queens, ask Rose McGowan how that worked out for her. Like most LGBT shows, the show demeans heteronormativity and traditional family relationships as bad while attempting to convince you that a group of hypersexualized drag queens hanging around minors is completely normal.

In real life, the progressive left continued push to normalize events such as “drag queen story hour” with children has led to multiple individuals within the drag community to be exposed as registered sex offenders and the media continued push to normalize “drag kids” has led to decent people calling out an agenda to sexualize children and normalize child abuse.  It is clear as day that the LGBT community are using kids to further the sexual agenda of adults, an agenda that will end very poorly for those who think the overwhelming majority of Americans are cool with adults using kids as sexual props.



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  1. Wasn’t it NETFLIX that had Bill Nye the fake science guy shilling for gender as a continuum? Or was that HBO. I get my left wing cable/streaming channels mixed up.

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