Netflix Cancels Drag Queen Show That Sexualized Children

RuPaul’s Netflix series “AJ and the Queen” has been canceled after one season.

The cancellation comes less than 60 days after the show debuted in January of this year.


The premise of the show involved Drag Queen Ru Paul traveling across the country with a parentless 10-year-old girl to spread a message of “love and acceptance” by attending numerous drag shows across the country.

The show took a lot of heat for a scene in which a room full of drag queens make repeated sexual references in front of the kid, one “adjusts” himself in front of the child which is later played as the setup of a joke, and the end of the scene, one of the queens refers to the minor as a “top”

In a progressive culture that is committed to normalizing the LGBT community with small children, the show was likely a bridge too far for the streaming platform that pulled the plug in less than 2 months without reasoning for the cancellation.



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2 thoughts on “Netflix Cancels Drag Queen Show That Sexualized Children

  1. Still not going back to FN Netflix. Just another left wing catering network that you have to pay money to watch.

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