The Hunt Review: Dear Progressives…Twitter Is Not Real Life

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Last August, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions came together to create a film where rich liberal elites hunt down and kill Trump voters for sport.

Audiences were told that The Hunt was a ‘satire’ and not hate porn created by a group disgruntled Hillary Clinton voters.

Needless to say, the film was shelved for months as the studios knew it wasn’t a good idea to release a politically divisive film while it’s filmmakers were blaming Trump supporters for mass shootings on Twitter.

Everyone was supposed to believe the filmmakers share no ill-will towards “red state voters” and that the backlash behind this movie was just one big misunderstanding.

Actor Ike Barinholtz, who blamed Trump voters for the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting that said and I quote:

“And if you support Donald Trump you should too because this shit is on YOU. IT’S YOUR FAULT, Remember that tonight as you’re trying to go to sleep.”

Universal Pictures

Actress Betty Gilpin, who flipped off Republican lawmakers and cried nonstop when Trump won the election.

Writer Damon Lindelof,  who turned red-state voters into white supremacists for his HBO reboot of Watchmen.

Producer Jason Blum who blamed Trump and his voters for the rise of anti-Semitism in America and who has often produced films depicting conservatives as Russian associated KKK members that gun down black people in churches…

After the initial backlash from moviegoers, The Hunt returned with a more light-hearted trailer than the one they ran several months ago because we’re supposed to believe that these people came together with a project that was just trying to poke fun at people from both sides of the political spectrum…

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While Jason Blum and Damon Lindelof may have intended to portray liberals as champagne swilling snobs and conservatives as gun-toting survivalists, The Hunt proves just how out of touch rich Hollywood elites are, because THEY are the ones who made this.

The Hunt begins with a plane full of ‘conservatives’ who are kidnapped by rich liberals and taken to an unknown location where they are forced to fight for their survival. Many don’t make it but one person who does is former servicewoman Crystal (Betty Gilpin). Crystal doesn’t know or care about why these crazed group of individuals has declared hunting season on “deplorables”  but she knows that they all have to pay.

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The Hunt is a movie written by a progressive Hollywood echo chamber who’s only interaction with conservatives is on Twitter.

A film that tries to show how out of touch rich elites are with the real world proves their own hypothesis with one of the dumbest pieces of cinema in years.

Damon Lindelof’s script is full of dialogue that no real person outside of social media says. But seeing how the filmmakers despise red-state voters, their only point of reference to anyone on the political right of them is the comment section of a Sean Hannity Youtube video.

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Characters speak with cartoonish southern accents (another symptom of never speaking to those you lampoon) playing extreme stereotypes of southerners in a film that was never supposed to be a comedy.

Nothing feels real to the average viewer leading back to the question, what is this supposed to be? The argument is that The Hunt was always meant to be a biting satire, however, the first trailer sold the film as a horror movie. The pivot to a more comedic story wasn’t presented until the film was reinstated post backlash. Either The Hunt is a terrible satire or someone is lying about their original intentions behind this film.

Betty Gilpin plays the only character who is around for longer than 10 minutes. If more time was taken to centralize her character from the beginning, The Hunt would have been more enjoyable instead of a complete waste of time for audiences.

There is no messaging or propaganda in this movie, the writers aren’t smart enough to inject it so what you get is a hollow mess that makes you indifference for anyone who engages in politics.

The ending goes full schlock as the big revelation comes down to narcissism. The evil elites decide to kill people for sport because the people they hunted believed they were killing people for real…so they decided to do it for real…

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The only positive takeaway from The Hunt is that Betty Gilpin looks great in tight clothing…that’s about it.




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5 thoughts on “The Hunt Review: Dear Progressives…Twitter Is Not Real Life

  1. So how does it stack up against something like “Ready or Not” ?

    Sound like a pale imitation…

  2. The interesting aspect of this movie for me is that it was pushed as having been made to appeal to conservatives. The “conservatives” supposedly win and the lefties are the bad guys. Okay. Nevertheless, it was rejected by conservatives and I remember posts by people on conservative movie sites to the effect of “This is why we can’t have nice things”. IOWs, right wingers won’t go to anything from Hollywood any more even if it’s specifically aimed at them. Which is a great argument for Hollywood continuing to do left oriented movies. The flaw here can be stated as “fool me once, shame on you, fool me 1024 times, shame on me.” Hollywood has turned out nothing but stories from the POV of the left for years, even if the bias only shows up in the basic story assumptions or the mouthing off of the politically incontinent stars. So when progressive movie makers decide to create a product for the “other” 50+ percent of the country it’s a good idea to be suspicious of it.

    I assume this is why movies like “Midway”, “Ford vs Ferrari”, and (hopefully) Greyhound are made, because movies made for the other half of the customer base must be unambiguously acceptable to conservatives.

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