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Terminal Review

I can’t fault the acting in this, A solid cast of stars highlight otherwise failure of storytelling and pacing. Terminal has a lot of enjoyable elements in its oddball style, but the narrative keeps it from being something truly special, a wasted opportunity.


Breaking In Review

You build a fortress of a home in the middle of nowhere because you are a shady criminal who knows people will come after you and you don’t have ANY weapons in the house? Two hours away from police response and not even a panic room? After watching the latest film from actress Gabrielle Union named Breaking In, you will find yourself with many questions the film won’t even bother to answer for you.

Tyler Perry’s Acrimony Review

The best thing I can say about this is that it definitely got me talking about it after the screening. I can’t tell you who the good guy was supposed to be, who the bad guy was supposed to or what the film was going for but it was definitely an experience.

Unsane Review

How do you fill out 8 pages of paperwork and not realize that you are voluntarily committing yourself to be sectioned? It is like these people suddenly angry at Facebook could have saved themselves some hard times if they had just read the Terms & Conditions they agreed to.

Red Sparrow Review

When I found out that Red Sparrow was almost 150 minutes long, As someone who isn’t the biggest JLaw fan, I would have bet money this was going to be a torturous time for me. After watching the film, I can say I was pleasantly surprised to be proved wrong.

Braven Review

et in the brutal frozen conditions of Newfoundland, Canada, our story begins with a logger named Joe Braven (Momoa) and his family. While trying to balance an honest living, struggling to take care of his father (Stephen Lang) and his declining health, Joe is inadvertently caught in the middle of a drug trafficking scheme gone wrong.

Den of Thieves Review

Watching the trailer for Den of Thieves, this film was only going one of two ways. A throwback to past era action/heist movies or a complete disaster starring 50 Cent. Gerald Bulter, 50 Cent, Ice Cube’s son…not the lineup you are expecting from a smash hit.

The Post Review

Hollywood invested a lot of time, programming, and money into making sure he didn’t win and when that didn’t happen, people kinda lost their shit. Steven Spielberg put the production of this movie on the fly because he saw “scary parallels” between The Pentagon Papers and today’s White House. The narrative of this movie is “truth tellers” are to be believed and they are the “real heroes”. Reality is that just isn’t the case.

Proud Mary Review

I feel like this film should have been released months ago but instead, Proud Mary got its official release into Hollywood’s graveyard…January. Proud Mary is a film that opens like a 1970s Blaxploitation film, but it isn’t. Taraji P. Henson stars as Mary, a hitwoman working for a Boston crime family. When she discovers that one of her targets has a young son who she instantly turns into an orphan

The Commuter Review

If The Commuter didn’t go face first into schlock in the 3rd act, including Liam Neeson being reunited with his family who only seem mildly concerned that three guys were sent to their house to kill them and that Michael barely survived a massive train derailment…I could have given it two stars…but I didn’t. The Commuter is the official welcome into the 2018 ‘Fuck You It’s January’ season and we are already off to a rocky start.