The Bye Bye Man Review: So Bad…It’s Almost Great

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If you are a fan of RedLetterMedia, then you are aware of the time of the year called “Fuck You, its January”. Because January is a known dumping ground for terrible movies that no one will watch during award season. Well, The Bye Bye Man is definitely a FU to anyone who wastes their time to watch this. A story about an entity whose name you can’t say or else you will go crazy and murder everyone in your sight…and that’s as far as they planned this film.

The plot of this film is poorly explained and makes no sense when it actually is; the actors are terrible and make Degrassi: The Next Class look like a Golden Globe caliber show and the kicker? It’s not scary. The film was downgraded to a PG-13 film after months of development hell. The PG-13 violence allows you to watch people take a shotgun to the stomach with no blood and the rest of the movie is about 3 jump scares.

You waste 90 minutes watching an awkward third wheel roommate arraignment turn into The Shining if it was written by a toddler. If you need any indication how bad this movie is when the credits began to roll, the audience audibly groaned and everyone complained about how bad the film was as they were exiting the theater. The Bye Bye Man is a sad excuse for a Candyman remake.

STX Entertainment

The running phrase of this film is “Don’t Say It, Don’t Think It”. My only saying for this movie is “Don’t Watch It”. Instead of a demon stalking you for a few days, you may want to finish its job yourself after sitting through this bag of crap.



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