Replicas Review: An Amazingly Stupid Movie

Not since The Bye Bye Man has a January release been so bad that it was almost good…almost. I tell you what, Keanu Reeves should not do anymore films that don’t have the name John Wick attached to them because his recent non-wick projects have not been very good. Replicas is no different because this might be the dumbest film of 2019 for a laundry list of reasons.

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Try to follow this story, Replicas begins with a scientist named William (Reeves) who is working on the project of digitally copying the human brain and transferring it to a robot’s body. After failing with his latest effort, William decides to take a vacation with his family. However, after recklessly driving through the worst rain storm ever, he crashes into a ditch killing his entire family. Instead of calling the cops, he calls his coworker to wrap up the bodies, take them back home, clone them, and then use the data from their brains to implant them into the clones bodies to make them believe the whole thing never happened…also the company he works for is evil as well so that’s a thing.

Replicas is dumb, like really dumb. The film has plotholes that they address poorly and plotholes they don’t even address at all. William’s life work is transferring the human mind to be compatible to a robot…but they could make perfect clones of people this entire time? Some would say that is far more valuable than creating smart robots but this film only uses it as a plot device. The most baffling thing about the plot was the fact that at one point in the film, Will discovers that he can’t save all of his family so someone has to die and he decides not to revive one of his daughters.

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He goes out of his way to erase the memory of his daughter from his clone family so they can’t recall her memory, but bro…how are you going to explain to everyone else that your daughter no longer exists? They don’t even bother to address this like it’s no big deal? Isn’t your daughter in school? Don’t you think they would have some questions for you? Where’s Zoe? We haven’t seen her in 6 weeks? Why does your wife act like she doesn’t exist? Did you murder her? Where is her body? Why are you acting so suspicious?

The film has a budget of 30 million dollars but they decide to create a robot that moves…this is literally some of the worst CGI effects i’ve seen in nearly 20 years. This is 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie bad. When the robot starts to run, words can’t even…

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Replicas is a movie so bad, I would recommend it, why not? January ain’t getting any better.



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