No More Bets (Gu zhu yi zhi) Review: A Dark Exposé On Online Gambling

It’s safe to say that we live in a world that has normalized and popularized the art of gambling which was looked down upon for many decades in Western culture.

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With the popularity of sports leagues such as the NFL, the NBA, and various Soccer Leagues; gambling has become a huge part of American culture and Western culture in general. Much like the fine print of a contract, the dangers and the negative ramifications of gambling are rarely ever discussed when the industry is looking for popularity.

Millions of new gamblers have joined the industry and it’s turned into a multi-billion dollar giant in the last few years thanks to the help of Atlas such as MGM, Caesars, and Barstool Sports. What is going on behind the scenes of these high-profile gambling organizations?

It’s been a few years since I have reviewed the movie from the region of China because needless to say there’s been a bit of global turmoil over the last few years. But a film that kicks down the doors of offshore bedding is one that even I couldn’t pass up.

Dirty Monkeys Films

“No More Bets” is a Chinese film where a programmer named Pan Sheng (Lay Zhang) is lured overseas by a supposed high-paying job. However, it turns out he and a group of his peers are duped by the promise of employment when it is a slave camp-like fraud factory.

The organization imprisons and abuses its workers as they are forced to commit cyber fraud on online victims through the means of online gambling. The group uses models such as Liang Anna (Gina Jin) and through their actions get people addicted to online gambling. The workers are forced to meet a quota it are not allowed to leave until they reach the dollar amount.

But the group finds out quickly that even when the amount of money that is needed is reached the organization has no intentions of ever letting them go meaning that the only way to escape is quite literally a battle of life and death. ‘No More Bets’ is a thrilling crime drama about an underground syndicate of scammers that uses the means of kidnapping and deception to bolster their empire built on gambling addiction.

Dirty Monkeys Films

The film mirrors real-life issues and what goes on behind the scenes of so many offshore betting accounts across the world. The film is an expose on the dark side of money as so many people are willing to do anything to obtain it whether it is detrimental to themselves and those around them.

The film can be hard to follow early on because it shows you the perspective of multiple characters and their motivations that got them to be involved with the organization. Digital scamming is an issue that a lot of people are ignorant of but it has become an underground multi-million dollar organization in the black market.

With the new rate of gambling being endorsed in back all over the world is important to expose just how quickly things can go south for unsuspecting bettors and the film does a great job of doing so. There are complaints to be had about the film being too Chinese-centric however a film coming from the Chinese communist government is to be expected to have content that favors the nation over others.

Dirty Monkeys Films

‘No More Bets’ is an eye-opening film that everyone should watch before investing their funds in Shady overseas booking odds.





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