The Blackening Review: A Movie Crafted By The Racial Hatred From Black Twitter

If the 2004 film ‘Soul Plane’ came out in the year 2023, I am convinced that movie critics would lie and tell you that it is a great movie out of fear of being called a racist.


This is the sad state of affairs that has become American discourse in the year 2023. It’s been a decade since the rise of Black Lives Matter plagued the United States of America and racial division hasn’t been this bad in several decades.

A movement founded on a lie that a kid in Missouri was screaming not to shoot him with his hands up by a white cop has torn down the racial unity of this country in record time. Over the last 10 years, every black person who was shot by a white person no matter the context is deemed a shining example of white supremacy against black people.

The point of no return was the 2020 George Floyd’s death, A man who was killed under police custody and turned into a global martyr for the black cause. After several deadly riots plagued every major US city in the country, several major cities have passed laws essentially making crime legal because the US justice system now fears that upholding the law is discriminatory against black people.


In just 10 years, a new standard has been set for race relations in the United States of America, and the new reality is this: black people hate white people, they can’t trust white people, they don’t want to be around white people, and anyone who calls this out is either a racist or a coon depending on who is coming from.

It was a matter of time that a nation that was baked in hatred and discord comes out with movie that reflect that same hatred. ‘The Blackening’ is a comedy horror film about a group of black people who decide to go to the woods because they are here to celebrate the latest racial holiday Juneteenth.

Despite the running joke that black people don’t go to the woods because that’s a white people thing, the group celebrates by getting high and playing Spades until they are trapped in a racially offensive game that questions the Blackness of the group. The worst part of this game is that if they fail, they will die one by one until the game has concluded.


‘The Blackening’ is a film written by two college-educated idiots who aren’t even qualified to run a 7-Eleven in Reseda but has been allowed to fail upwards in a progressive Hollywood system allowing people of color to work in positions they aren’t qualified for.

The film is full of unqualified to underqualified actors willing to work for cheap as they slog around and repeat some of the most horrendous dialogue that has been written since The NBC soap opera ‘Passions.’

This film is Black Twitter the movie.

It’s bad enough that the premise of this movie is based on horror movie stereotypes of black people that have been outdated for almost 30 years, but this movie is the perfect representation of what the New Black movement is in 2023.


A movement that is led by black women and their gay male allies. A movement that is extremely hateful of white people, nonwhites who align with traditional American values, and black people who refuse to be an ally of the New Black movement.

The film spends more time talking about white people than having a plot, but the Stanford and DePaul University graduates make it very clear, if you’re a black person who voted for Trump, you deserve to die.

The characters are detestable which would work if we get the payoff of them dying one by one as the film progresses. However, you don’t get that because this is a black horror movie, which means that the characters aren’t going to die like in white horror movies.


There’s nothing funny or scary about this film. There’s no effort put into the horror and there is nothing funny about this movie because the narcissistic racial hatred from a couple of college kids who went to primarily white universities in San Francisco and Chicago were too busy trying to prove to the audience how pro-black.

The fundamental reason why black Cinema struggles in terms of quality as opposed to their white counterparts is that white people don’t build the foundation of their movies on how they feel about black people.

However, when the roles are reversed the same can’t be said. The film is narcissism, racism, Progressive Dogma, and piss-poor filmmaking wrapped into a film that is a stone-cold lead pipe lock to be a top five worst movie of the year.


‘The Blackening’ is a 97-minute Amber Ruffin Show sketch disguised as a movie.




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2 thoughts on “The Blackening Review: A Movie Crafted By The Racial Hatred From Black Twitter

  1. The biggest irony is that most of the members of the New Black Movement are White Leftists. Are there Black Leftists? Yes, but their rare(unless you count the ones that work for MSNBC).

  2. Gee, what a surprise that they went for the “black people are smarter than white people because we wouldn’t do the dumb things that white characters do in horror movies” joke. That was just as hilarious as the last 10,000 times I’ve heard a black comedian tell it.

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