The Flash Review: Mediocrity Can’t Save Warner Bros From Their Ezra Miller Problem

New Warner Bros, same as the old Warner Brothers.

Warner Bros

Ezra Miller has turned into a menace to society over the last several years. Miller, who conveniently identifies as non-binary, has that incidents in several countries such as choking a woman, harassing a couple in Hawaii, throwing a chair at another woman’s head, grooming people into his own personal cult, and threatening law enforcement with a bulletproof vest like he’s 50 Cent in 2003.

Miller’s legal troubles forced Warner Brothers to make a decision of whether to shelf ‘The Flash’ or reshoot the majority of the movie with an different actor. Because they had already invested 300 million dollars into the production of the movie, reshooting the film would have cost them far more than the movie was worth.

Warner Bros did everything in their power to not showcase Ezra Miller instead shifting the focus of the marketing to Michael Keaton as Batman. Warner Brothers decided to convince everyone that this was a Batman film and not a Flash movie. Those who are looking for old man Batman are going to be disappointed because this is an Ezra Miller film and a nine-figure mistake from Warner Brothers.

Warner Bros

‘The Flash’ is Ezra Miller’s return as Barry Allen, DC’s top speeds or superhero. After Flash discovers that he has the ability to go back in time and change aspects of the past, he takes it upon himself to prevent the death of his mother who died when he was only 10 years old.

However, instead of changing the past, Barry ends up getting stuck in the past with an alternate version of himself. While Barry was able to prevent the death of his mother, every other aspect of Barry’s past has been changed creating a new timeline.

Barry’s actions have created a wrinkle in the Multiverse but there is another threat seeking to stop him from fixing his own mess. Warner Brothers made a major mistake in thinking that they can bank on the Nostalgia of seeing Michael Keaton return to the role of Batman for the first time in over 30 years in the hopes that audiences will forget all about Ezra Miller in the process.

Warner Bros

This is an Ezra Miller film which isn’t surprising, this is a Flash movie and not a Batman movie. Warner Brothers deceptive marketing led people to a conclusion that they won’t be happy with.

If Ezra Miller was a sane human being who can keep his personal life in check, there are a lot of elements that would have worked out as the film requires you to have an emotional relationship with his character. The film builds sympathy for the character of Barry and it will be a lot easier for audiences to sympathize with the direction they were going.

While the world has rejected Ezra Miller’s antics, Hollywood still feels a need to defend him because they see him as a villain. This means that everything they try to do with the character of Barry falls on deaf ears because the studio is living in a different reality than its audience.

Warner Bros

Superhero films have committed to the idea of the Multiverse for the last couple of years and concept has already been run through the ground before it is even found its legs. The Multiverse has been used as a way for writers to avoid having to follow any kind of continuity or established Canon with superhero characters.

It is the lack of respect and sometimes downright hatred of the source material that creators have for these properties that leads to audiences disconnecting with them in the first place.  The visual effects are spotty to say the least, a 300 million production budget went into this film and much of the movie looks downright unfinished as far as effects.

‘The Flash’ is Warner Bros Weekend at Bernie’s moment. Warner Brothers have decided that they’re going all in on James Gunn  and in the process of doing so they have kicked everyone who was associated with the previous regime out of the door. Warner Brothers has created a culture of indifference about superhero movies because the audience knows that nothing truly matters so what’s the point of even giving them a chance?

Warner Bros

‘The Flash’ isn’t as terrible as many thought it would be but Warner Bros should have given up rather than lie to audiences that the film was worth seeing in the first place.





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