Willy’s Wonderland Review: God Bless Nicolas Cage’s Crippling Debt

The biggest sponsor of this film is the IRS because they are the reason that Nicholas Cage is in a position where he cannot say “No” to films like this.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s was a video game that amassed a huge following back in 2014, thanks to platforms like YouTube. The idea of animatronic characters coming to life at night and killing everyone in the building was a big hit with adults who had a bad experience at Chuck E. Cheese’s back in the 1990s.

The fine folks at Saturn Films decided to make a movie about this concept about 4 years after its relevancy. Knowing there was no way this film was getting greenlit in 2021, they went to one man who would give anyone a reason to watch this movie…Nicholas Cage.

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Willy’s Wonderland stars Cage as an unnamed drifter who doesn’t speak throughout the duration of the movie. One day in a small town in Nevada, his vehicle breaks down when the wheels go over a spike strip in the middle of the road. Unable to pay a mechanic for repairs, he is taken to Willy’s Wonderland and given an ultimatum, fix up the family restaurant for the night in exchange for repairing his vehicle.

What the drifter doesn’t know is that the place is possessed by demonic spirits and there is a group of zealous teenagers who are prepared to burn the place down and prevent Willy’s evil monster from killing again.

Screen Media Films

Willy’s Wonderland is bonkers in the best possible way. A classic B movie extravaganza with all of the tropes of a low budget horror flick. Cage carries the film without speaking a word, his weirdo demeanor makes for great laughs and entertaining action from start to finish. The film knows that the premise is ridiculous so like a good B movie, it dives headfirst into foolishness. The “teenage” group are classic horror movie cannon fodder served up to mechanical mutants.

The only negative that can be said for the film is its lack of setup and pacing. Horror and Comedy is a hard mix to pull off right and only a few films can hit a home run on both. Willy’s Wonderland front-loads its humor which compromises the horror elements. All in all, Willy’s Wonderland just like Chuck E Cheese, everyone wants to go home after 90 minutes but you still manage to have a good time regardless.




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