Me You Madness Review: The Goofiest Movie In Years

Where do we begin with the story of this film?

Knowing nothing about this film and watching the trailer, there was a 50/50 shot that this would either be the worst movie ever made or something so bad that it would actually become a cult classic. The answer depends on your political affiliation.


That’s right, a film about a sociopathic female serial killer is dipped in political nonsense why? Because of the film’s star, writer, and director Louise Linton. Having never heard of Linton before this film, it turns out that she is married to Steven Mnuchin, the former United States Secretary of the Treasury under former President Trump. Because Linton is connected to Trump, that means the left hates her, and nearly every mainstream review of this film couldn’t talk about this film without bringing him up. Yes, even this film is subject to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The real question is, are progressives simply projecting their hate of Trump into this movie or is it really that bad…both.

Me, You, Madness stars Linton as Catherine Black, a hedge fund manager who is rich, smart, hot, and a narcissistic sociopath who has a taste for murder with a side of human flesh. One day, she puts out an ad for a roommate and meets a good-looking young guy Tyler (Ed Westwick) who she actually feels a connection. The problem is, he is only there to steal her car. Scorned by her ex-lover, she devises one of the wackiest plans to ever to get her revenge.


This is a roller coaster of emotion and I’m not sure if that is in a good way or not. The film itself isn’t a bad premise and in most cases is set up pretty well. This film never takes itself seriously so the level of ridiculousness is established from the jump. Catherine spends most of her time breaking the 4th wall speaking into the camera. The low budget nature of the film makes the shortcomings pretty obvious. In many ways, Linton is parodying the modern-day feminist woman, self-obsessed with the inability to emotionally connect with anyone else let alone a member of the opposite sex. Add that in with the fact she is a rich white woman who doesn’t have a Kalama Harris poster on her wall makes leftists really hate her. This is a film dipped in meta gags and that is the film’s downfall.

The fundamental problem with this movie is that Linton decided to write and direct this film. If she simply starred in the film and had someone else handle the comedy and behind the scenes responsibility, this movie could have worked. Instead, Linton exposes her lack of comedic tact as many of the jokes are run into the ground because Linton doesn’t know how to get the laugh and move on. On top of that, the film is in desperate need of editing, 98 minutes is far too long given the amount of padding in the script. There is a lot of 80s music in the film but because they don’t have the budget to pay for the licensing, you get covers to popular 80s songs which could have been a good rib but it was clearly done to protect its own budget.


Me You Madness has the recipe to be a cult classic so bad it’s a good film but the execution is not there, Louise Linton is a decent actress but she should have left the heavy lifting to the big boys.





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3 thoughts on “Me You Madness Review: The Goofiest Movie In Years

  1. Just based on watching the trailer it looks like your standard feminist revenge porn film. So the question is, when you call it a “comedy” is it a satire of feminist revenge porn or just the usual wahmen are powerful stuff? Being married to a former Trump official doesn’t even imply she or the movie has any conservative leanings. Too many have stabbed Trump in the back on their way out.

  2. Movies are so uniformly leftist in tone now that conservatives have to re-interpret some of them to believe there are any even marginally conservative movies at all. For example, Christian Toto’s list of conservative movies have a lot of “not all that conservative at all” movies that he claims that “deep down” are actually conservative. It’s understandable, of course, because any openly right wing story will be critically destroyed without fail.
    = Gina Carano.

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