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Music (2021) Review: A Heartwarming Tale About The Burden Of Mental Illness

Zu is newly sober when she receives news that she is to become the sole guardian of her half-sister named Music, a young girl on the autism spectrum.

How can a film get nominated for multiple Golden Globes but be universally hated by critics?

For years our society has devolved into a united group of people who find new ways to be deeply offended, not by things that offend them personally but on the behalf of others. This new phenomenon of 2nd hand butthurt is one that has negatively affected human interaction over the years which of course has been amplified by the use of social media.

Modern-day Hollywood is the beacon of 2nd hand butthurt which is shown by the response of Sia’s director debut in Music. A film about an autistic teenage girl who loses her guardian and now relies on her drug dealer sister (Kate Hudson) to take care of her. The mistake this film makes “according to critics” is that they didn’t hire a real autistic girl to play the role of Music. Maddie Ziegler is a newcomer in the world of acting but well known in the world of dance. Seeing how the role requires acting and dancing, Ziegler plays the role to perfection and is outstanding at being the emotional bridge for audiences.

The story is genuine to the real-life struggle of raising children on the spectrum and the nature of her character makes anyone sympathize with them. Singer-songwriter Sia does a great job at keeping everything simple in her 1st film as a director. The small cast includes actors she has worked with in the past which makes chemistry issues easy to overcome. Music’s character provides the platform for some creative dance numbers which were played from the mind of a girl who sees the world differently than others.

The idea that the character has to be played by someone who is actually autistic is a ridiculous narrative created by modern-day progressive Hollywood that needs to die. The entire point of acting is to pretend to be a character that you are not. Otherwise, it is not acting and the entire purpose of the craft becomes null of the void. Only in the progressive mindset where victimhood is more valuable than currency is this non-sensical argument even entertained.

The other controversy involves people who are upset by the fact that Music had to be physically restrained on two occasions due to her acting out in unconfirmable situations. While some are unconformable with the visuals, one could also argue that the stakes of dealing with an autistic person need to be shown in order to sell the authenticity of the emotional burden that comes with it. Anyone who has, or has dealt with a child on the spectrum knows that there are many bad moments that come with the good and can understand the struggles of dealing with a person the right way especially when said person is not experienced in doing so.

When it comes to the outrage that surrounds this film, there is an element of thicker skin and more understanding that needs to uphold if the industry of cinema has any chance to survive. The musical numbers are well produced like much of Sia’s music videos and its interpretive numbers are marvels in storytelling for the film.

The veterans cast does a great job across the board, there are a couple of characters that probably could have been removed in the long run but they don’t bring down the quality of the film.

Music is a heartwarming exercise in understanding the lives of people on the spectrum and not only one of the best musicals since La La Land, but easily the best film 2021 has offered us so far.


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  1. Probably the same way they praised Sacha Baron Cohen and his despicable act of pushing online totalitarianism and treating half of the country like dirt with Borat.

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  2. We already know that field of movie criticism has been forced into a neo Stalinist straight jacket. Which makes the unwoke critics all that much more valuable.

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