Unpregnant Review: A Celebration Of Late Stage Feminist Narcissism

A film that solely exists as a response to the recent wave of ‘Heartbeat bills’ in Midwest and Southern states that ban abortion after the heartbeat of a child is detected.


Unpregnant is a film about Haley Lu Richardson’s character of Veronica, a high schooler with Ivy League ambitions who gets pregnant and realizes that her child is a burden to her professional dreams of college and her career. Veronica can’t rely on her boyfriend, friends, and especially her conservative family for help. Instead, she turns to her sarcastic, body-positive queer friend Bailey who is the only person in her town that won’t judge her for her decision to put her career over the life of her child.

There is no need to beat around the bush here, we know this film was created to normalize and popularize the act of ending a child’s life but I am recommending people see it. Why?


Films like Unpregnant reveal things that the filmmaker doesn’t want you to know if you understand what you are looking at. Veronica is the avatar for the pro-abortion movement, a perceived sympathetic character whose job it is to make the plight of modern progressive women relatable. The reason I say perceived is that much like progressive women, our protagonist exposes her selfish narcissistic motives that don’t relate to anyone but other narcissists. 

Whenever you present a character who is going through with an abortion, you have to convince your audience that she didn’t have a choice, that it was the only way. The problem is, Veronica did have a choice, she chose her ‘potential’ over her child. The baby’s father did not pressure her into terminating her pregnancy like many other men would, he wanted to step up, marry her and be a father, she didn’t care. As a matter of fact, she took his engagement ring and pawned it in order to pay for the abortion…and somehow HE is the bad guy because he acts ‘creepy’. His creepiness wasn’t a problem for her however when she was having sex with him all over Missouri, he just became an asshole when she got knocked up, remember you are supposed to root for this person. 


Did her family pressure her to get rid of her baby because it would ruin her life? No. Her mother doesn’t even show up until the last 2 minutes of the film. What about peer pressure? Did her school make her life such as living hell that she could no longer take the abuse? They didn’t even know until the final minute. Veronica has a future at Brown University, you can’t let a baby stop you from going to Brown, Brown is your future, your life would literally be over if you chose family over Brown.

The only person you are supposed to like in this film is Veronica’s sort of not really friend, Bailey. Why? Well, she’s overweight body-positive, she’s a nihilist, she’s gay, and she is the avatar of progressive commentary on modern society. Her secondary purpose is to be a repellent of all things heterosexual and Christian for our protagonist. 


In the bizarro reality of the clown world, our protagonists and those who identify with them believe that they are the Marvel superheroes in a world full of right wing Hydra agents. These are people who believe that they are the most passionate and genuine people on the planet and they use films like this to gaslight their own morality.

In reality, they are the vapidest, self-absorbed, and borderline evil people on the planet. Much like our protagonists, everything is about them and to hell with everybody else.  Who cares if you actually want to be part of a support system that is loving, caring, and willing to be there with you through the roughest of time because Goddammit, it’s my body and my choice…to kill my child. Fuck you Missouri state legislature (Actual line from the movie). It’s YOUR fault my boyfriend and I have sex at every location west of Busch Stadium, it’s YOUR fault that I drove 900 miles without telling a soul putting my life in danger, it’s YOUR fault that I have a group of crazy Christians trying to save my child. I wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for YOU Republicans!!!!


…Personal Responsibility.

The pro-choice movement comes down to a lack of personal responsibility and that isn’t a conspiracy theory. Because if you let them tell their own story which Unpregnant does to a tee, they will show you the whole story, even the parts they didn’t want you to know. That’s why I recommend the film despite it being pure garbage because if you give your enemy enough rope, they will hang themselves.







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27 thoughts on “Unpregnant Review: A Celebration Of Late Stage Feminist Narcissism

  1. Agree, the Veronica and Bailey characters are more like villains. Because, the Veronica character doesn’t want to take responsibility or at least send the child to adoption. She’s too self-absorbed. The Pro-Choice movement has to end. This is getting out of hand.

  2. How are unborn children not qualifying for “other particularity”? the Guttmacher Institute reported 862,320 abortions in 2017, just in the US. Ask me about genocide…

    from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.
    noun The systematic killing of substantial numbers of people on the basis of ethnicity, religion, political opinion, social status, or other particularity.

      1. Pro-choice activists want to destroy the world? Talk about a ridiculously inaccurate blanket statement! Why can’t it just be what it is? A young woman took precautions to avoid pregnancy, they failed to work, she became pregnant and then chose not to carry it to term. Period. 1 in 3 women have an abortion. How many of those terminated pregnancies involved you, personally? How many babies/children that are in the foster care system have you helped? If a woman stopped you on the street and asked for your help to feed, clothe or shelters child she chose not to abort, how would you help her? Unwanted children end up abused and/or neglected, in foster care, undereducated and go through the cycle of being a pregnant teen. Unless you have a thoughtful, humane, workable solution to those issues, do something to REALLY help the kids, (and their mothers) and worry about your own body and life choices. To end, here’s a blanket statement of my own: pro-lifers ONLY care about controlling women’s bodies and do NOTHING to support those who choose “life” once the child is born… (that’s actually true).

  3. According to science, Christians are not only happier, but have better sex than secular materialists. The outcome when Christians marry, love each other and dedicate their (several) babies to God – is that the faithful will eventually out number the (zero birth) nihilists by a large factor. Abortion is an abomination – but it also prioritizes the faithful, and their genetic code, over the materialists.

    1. Funny how THAT is the science you believe! Meanwhile you anti-choicers spread lies saying that abortion causes breast cancer and a myriad of other falsehoods. You have to trick people into your pro-life clinics, you carry around vulgar photos that are seen by passing CHILDREN, yet talk about protecting children and loving everyone, yadda yadda yadda. How about doing some actual research, pull the wool from your eyes and the hatred and need to control others from your hearts?! Love EVERYONE, including those who choose differently than you. It’s what Jesus would do!

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