HBO Max’s ‘Generation’ Celebrates The Sexual Degeneracy Of Teens

Progressives in Hollywood love to recreate the fantasy of a conservative child leaving the traditions of their family (aka Christianity) and joining their progressive post-modernist utopia, especially if they turn gay.


HBO Max, who last year released the pro-abortion film ‘Unpregnant‘ is dropping their latest “F*** you” to center-right audiences called ‘Genera+ion’. A new show which is being hailed by progressive critics for exploring the sexual degeneracy of teenagers. Yes.

Progressive outlet The Daily Beast celebrates the show with the headline “HBO Max’s ‘Genera+ion’: The Gen Z Series Forcing Parents and Kids to Talk About Fisting”. The article borderline mocks parents by throwing in their face that their children are more susceptible to LGBT propaganda than ever before.

A quick description of the first episode highlights runs down how a twin brother and sister are both eager and anxious to sexually experiment with the same guy. It also notes how spunk shoots into someone’s eye, kids sent dick pics and drugs are stolen from parents and used. Sounds like utopia? This is the future of your children.


The show was created by Zelda Barnz, a 19 year old lesbian who co-wrote the show with her gay father, Daniel Barnz. Zelda, the daughter of two gay Hollywood screenwriters and producers, wrote the show at the age of 17 and based it on her own coming out story. The show hopes to be a Gen Z teen story told from a Gen Z perspective with the idea of exposing parents to what has been normalized to their kids beyond their knowledge.

Genera+ion is a show that accomplishes the progressive agenda of destroying the nuclear family and traditional relationships. The showrunners hope to create a world where gay parents talking about blowjobs and fisting with their gay children is normalized. The majority of Americans are not drug using lesbians with two gay fathers raised in Progressive Hollywood. The reality is progressives use shows like this to validate their lifestyle through fiction.

Progressives applaud the idea of turning teenagers into confused and unhappy products of their ideology who look to sex and drugs as a means to figure out who they are and there present this way of life as “normal” to your kids.


Lena Dunham is the executive producer of this show that premieres on HBO Max today. Parents should in fact be in touch with what there children are doing and that they are learning from outside forces.


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6 thoughts on “HBO Max’s ‘Generation’ Celebrates The Sexual Degeneracy Of Teens

  1. It’s like Progressives want to turn the world into a dystopia wasteland with this agenda.

  2. The Daily “Beast”. Not even subtle with that choice of branding, I see. There’s so much I want to say but it would spiral out into a piece as long as this article. This is already happening in American public schools to an extent, the youth is being indoctrinated into believing this is the norm. I hate my generation. And of course Lena Dumbham is producing!

  3. 1. “We just want to be able to be legally married”.
    2. Voters – “No thanks! Marriage is one man and one woman. It’s the glue holding society together.”
    3. Supreme Court – “Looky here! We found a right for gay marriage right here in the Constitution! Are we cool or what?”
    4. “Hey kids! What you need to know about anal sex and fisting!!!”

  4. Her dad is actually Daniel Bernstein, a self-described “a Jewish liberal Democrat”, and her other dad’s last name is Schwartz.

    So basically it was written by two old super-lib jewish gay dude professional writers who lied and said that their daughter wrote it as a marketing thing. This is really common, where adult professionals lie and claim their kid did a thing which is only noteworthy because “wow, look what a kid could do!” when in actuality the adult did it.

    Also, two gay dudes just HAPPEN to raise a lesbian daughter? Really? Sounds like maybe they indoctrinated her to become lesbian.

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