Yummy (2020) Review: Sexy, Bloody, Silly Fun

Boobs, Blood, and Flaming Penises…No, this isn’t about the Portland Riots, this is the latest horror-comedy from Belgium entitled Yummy. 

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In a year where finding a good movie is like trying to strike oil in your backyard, leave it to a film out of Belgium to come up with one of the most fun and ridiculous films of 2020.

Yummy is a film about a big busted girl going to a plastic surgeon to get her F-Cup breasts reduced only for a zombie apocalypse to break out before the surgery. Some will call that karma, others will call it divine intervention.

Turns out the real cause is the hospital’s “experimental stem cell” research going wrong and dooming the entire country in the process. That won’t matter to our protagonists however who need the help of several shady individuals in order to escape the hospital without a bite or a bullet.

A Team Productions

In the world of horror-comedies, Yummy is by no means Shaun of the Dead, but it is without doubt a wildly entertaining mix of over the top horror and wacky humor mixed together in a film that doesn’t mix like oil and water. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cringe, and you’ll wish the film was longer.

The film plays around with it’s characters motivations and personalities in a way that works given most of them will bite the dust anyway. You have the patients, a young girl named Alison (Maaike Neuville) who is insecure about her bust, her boyfriend (Bart Hollanders) who gets sick at the sight of blood, and her vapid mother who is desperate to look 40 years younger than she really is. Joining them are a group of shady staff members who probably would have killed each other even if a zombie apocalypse happened and the only thing bringing them together is survival. 

A Team Productions

Yummy goes over the top in it’s practical effects in a way fans of both genres will leave satisfied. The cast of actors play their parts well and director Lars Damoiseaux puts together a wild film that will leave a smile on your face (at least until the ending). 

Yummy is a fun, entertaining throwback horror film that you just don’t see much of in 2020, especially here in the States. 







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