Rotten Tomatoes To Make ‘Audience Reviews’ More Difficult Following Captain Marvel Backlash

After silencing users from leaving negative feedback about the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, Rotten Tomatoes may already be taking steps to ensure that negative reviews of the film are harder to post and see on the site.


Paul Yanover, president of Fandango, which owns Rotten Tomatoes spoke to CNET to convince people that the recent decision to remove the audiences ability to tell the site they are not interested in upcoming films was not directly related to the Captain Marvel movie starring Brie Larson. At least 74% of people said they were not interested in watching the film leading to massive changes to how the entire site is run and managed. However, Yanover reveals that general audiences will also have a much harder time leaving reviews of popular movies going forward.

The interview warns that the site is not done making big changes with the way it operates its audience feedback. Rotten Tomatoes may eventually tie into the Fandango ticket-purchasing system showing that a reviewer did indeed buy a ticket to that movie before they can review it. Readers may also be able to filter ‘bad’ reviews if they choose. For example, a user who generally likes Marvel films may be able to choose to only read write-ups from those who feel similarly to them, or in other words filter negative reviews of certain films.


Last March, We covered a noticeable split between critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes when it comes to many major releases such as The Last Jedi, which enjoys a 91% certified fresh rating with critics but only a 44% score with audiences. By smearing audience members as trolls, the media makes the case that their voices should not be counted in the general consensus and it appears that Rotten Tomatoes is actively complying with media demands. These changes would essentially turn the Rotten Tomatoes into a ‘safe-space’ for movie reviews.

Yanover knows these possible changes won’t please everyone either, but the updates are a work in progress. Some adjustments are aimed at what Yanover calls “noise reduction,” when high-profile films such as Captain Marvel or Star Wars movies attract ‘trolls’ with agendas. “This is not the end, this is the beginning. We know that (Rotten Tomatoes) is a highly visible product, and we’re committed to being really good stewards.”

Last February, We asked the question “Are We Close To Thought Policing Movie Reviews?” Well, the days of policing opinion are here.



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20 thoughts on “Rotten Tomatoes To Make ‘Audience Reviews’ More Difficult Following Captain Marvel Backlash

  1. I always wonder why rotten tomato critics are so bad a reviewing movie, it is as if they don’t watch the movie for the actual plot but the political message it gives.

    1. The ratio of left wing critics vs right on RT is something like 50 to 1. My personal view is that leftists, who believe that human nature can be changed by education (or re-education), are big on media as a means for progressive” change and holding power. Conservatives not so much. Subsequently the disparity in the number of reviewers. So RT, by it’s ensemble review method is automatically a voice for left wing messaging. The way to use RT for conservatives is to check the reviews of the films you like and only use the ones that agree with your taste.

  2. Too bad, I trusted the audience reviews the most. All the reviews from the so called “professional critics” are always wrong and biased. A majority of them come from liberal MSM sources. Their opinion is always for sale. Nobody trusts them as a credible, objective source of information anymore.

    Now that’s all they’re going to offer? No thanks. Rotten Tomatoes, get woke, go broke.

  3. Not surprised it’s happening, just surprised it took this long. The critic and audience reviews have been drifting further and further apart for years. Combined with the audience rating being a better predictor of financial success for movies (you mean the people who pay to see movies rather than the ones who are paid to see movies might be a better indicator of whether people will pay to see a movie? What sort of magic is that?) Rotten Tomatoes has been egg on the face of their owners (Warner Brothers among others) for a while. Hard to sell the indoctrination when people are out there telling the truth about it. Do not trust the common man, trust only the authorized professional who works for us.

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