Captain Marvel Writer: Film Will Inspire Women’s Studies And Academic Papers

In a story first reported by Breitbart News, Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnic took pride in the fact that her film shows people that there is “nothing inherently masculine” about being a superhero…because being a superhero was somehow viewed as a male thing before this movie?

Marvel Studios

The Captain Marvel writer told the Hollywood Reporter.

“None of us have trouble seeing ourselves reflected in white men because we’ve always been told that, that is the default. That’s the default human being and you can cross-identify. And because of that, we are always centering their pain and their comfort. That’s basic humanity. That’s how we’ve been taught to do it.
“When we see authentic culture reflecting back at us, we realize that heroism is not exclusively the domain of masculinity.
There’s nothing inherently masculine about power, or sacrifice, or the power fantasy, or about the sci-fi aesthetic or about the ethical ideals of these superheroes. When you actually see, what you didn’t quite let yourself realize you were missing, it is a shockingly emotional experience.”

DeConnick also told THR that a scene from the movie will be the subject of feminist academia.

“There is a scene towards the end, I think there are going to be Women’s Studies and academic papers written about this scene. I have a lot of opinions about it. I think it is bold as hell and sorely needed. And then there’s something that’s missing from this film that I also think is crazy progressive. But I’m afraid identifying either one of those things would be a spoiler.”

We have seen an unprecedented level of gaslighting for this movie due to the gender politics associated with the film. It all started when the media complained that the film was getting review-bombed which never happened as audience members stated they were not interested in the film. Then Rotten Tomatoes stepped in by removing the ability to say whether you were interested or not interested in any future movies because of the backlash. The site even stated that they would make it harder for audiences to leave a review once the film has come out.

Brie Larson Comic Con, Via Foter

That leads us to today where after media outlets ONCE AGAIN complained that Captain Marvel was getting reviews by audience members and the audience score had dropped to 30%, Rotten negative Tomatoes has now stepped in AGAIN to delete over 50,000+ audience reviews from the site.

This was the outlook from earlier this morning with over 58,000 reviews

And here is the current score Rotten Tomatoes massive deletion.

Earlier this week, The Mary Sue falsely claimed that only men were leaving negative reviews of the film which was quickly pointed out as a lie by many online. We have seen outlets such as The Daily Beast triple down on their attack of a white male fanbase, an attack which has caused many to be disinterested in Captain Marvel in the first place. The film made 20 million in its Thursday preview opening and is on track to make at least 100 million this weekend. For reference, last year’s Disney film Solo: A Star Wars Story earned 14 million on Thursday night before ending with a disappointing 84 million for the opening weekend.

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4 thoughts on “Captain Marvel Writer: Film Will Inspire Women’s Studies And Academic Papers

  1. Pain and suffering is a human experience. Not a male one. You can’t cater to just white men for that. All these heroes like Superman, Spider-Man struggle in ways not only white men can relate to. Vice versa is true about Wonder Woman who many people could relate to. And guess what, I too could relate with Captain Marvel. Simple as that.

  2. You know what grinds my gears about SJWs? They always act as though each slight they commit against whites/men is groundbreaking. For example, here she acts like the creation of a female-led superhero movie is unprecedented, as if Wonder Woman didn’t happen. Then again, Wonder Woman didn’t have a strong enough aura of man-bashing to them, so I guess it didn’t count. She acts as though the drivel this movie will inspire in “academia” hasn’t already been spewed 1,324,657 times before.

  3. Academics isnt what it used to be….

    Its like they created a new branch of academics for Morons…

    Gender Studies is like Special Ed. you get a participation trophy, but everyone knows your career is going to be watching TV, And waiting for your next check.

    One step above “needs a gardian”…

    Its like the Universities have become short term mental institutions for society’s Duds….

    And they get the commited to sometimes even pay for it.

    If somebody told me they had a woman’s or gender studies degree, I’d imagine their brain was pillow stuffing…

    its like its a joke, but its not…. Like something George Carlin would have come up with…

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