Youtubers Jeremy Hambly of The Quartering and The Amazing Lucas are calling out Riley Constantine of The Escapist after writing a hit piece that not only smears them as ‘Anti-LGBT’ but purposely misquotes them to do it. The situation stems from a news story that broke earlier this month when Constantine took exception to recent criticism of Apex Legends, a video game which announced that two of their characters in the battle royal style game were members of the LGBT. Many took exception to this announcement, calling it pointless pandering to the LGBT community and a decision that didn’t affect the quality of the game. After watching the Youtube videos of The Quartering (464K Subscribers) and The Amazing Lucas (242K Subscribers) discussing the topic, Constantine took to The Escapist to call out and smear the content creators.

Riley, who is transgender, accuses the creators of using ‘dog whistles’ which is what progressives deem ‘code language’  to interpret malicious intent in your words, even if you don’t say what they accuse you of saying. Riley states:



“The rhetoric surrounding Apex Legends in the most incendiary YouTube comments and videos is coded to make it clear that what they want is to say “no queers allowed” but they won’t actually say it aloud.”



It is here that Riley ‘decodes’ what the Youtubers ‘really’ mean despite the fact they never made these statements directly.



Beneath the veneer of politically correct language, The Amazing Lucas and The Quartering are making a clear statement: “We don’t want to explore LGBTQ identity in video games.” By saying the mere presence of LGBTQ people or characters is political or pandering, they’re really saying queer people shouldn’t be present or discussed at all. Per The Amazing Lucas: “Get your agenda, propaganda, and politics out of my games.” In other words: Don’t be gay here. Not in video games or on YouTube.



Both Lucas and Hambly have denounced accusations that they hate the LGBT, however, by accusing them of speaking in ‘dog whistles’, Riley is able to project feelings and statements to them that neither person has made. At one point, the writer even goes as far as to use their comments in comparison to the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando where an ISIS terrorist on an FBI watch list, murdered 50 people at a gay nightclub to make the argument that their words criticizing the marketing of a video game is akin to gay people actually being murdered in real life.

Hambly of The Quartering has already responded to the article threatening legal action against Libel if retractions aren’t made claiming that he has already lost a sponsor due to the hit piece. Hambly was attacked by Matt Loter, owner of Elm City Games last year and fears this article will be used as more fuel to attack him in his personal life. The Amazing Lucas has seen his Twitter account suspended due to people mass flagging his account based on the alleged comments he made but has yet to formally address the article.




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