Happy Death Day 2U Review: A Sequel That Doesn’t Skip A Beat

2017’s Happy Death Day was a smash hit by all metrics. An entertaining horror comedy for audiences and critics alike scored a 125 Million dollar on a throwaway budget of 5 million dollars. So with little risk and such a big reward, why not take a chance on a sequel? Well, if you loved the first movie, there isn’t anything to dislike about Happy Death Day 2U.

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Happy Death Day 2U begins not too long after the events of the first film. This time we begin from the perspective of Ryan Phan who goes through his normal routine on campus until he is murdered by another baby face killer. He wakes up again to realize that he is reliving the same day and that is where Theresa “Tree” (Jessica Rothe) realizes that they are back in the same loop she was stuck in during the previous film. As they try to close Ryan’s loop, Theresa is accidentally knocked back into her original loop meaning that he is stuck reliving the events from the first film all over again, but this time things have changed, people are back in her life who should not be there.

The thing that worked for the first film was how self-aware it was and how it never took itself too seriously. Director Christopher Landon knows how ridiculous the overdone the ‘Groundhog Day’ premise is but he commits to the bit and that’s why it succeeds. The story is a continuation of the first with more hijinks and gags added along the ride. The movie even references it’s completely ridiculous baby faced slasher while paying homage to the same slasher film tropes it parodies. Jessica Rothe remains the standout of the series as her story arch between two films comes full circle and allows her character to have growth and closure while tying up loose ends in the series.

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Happy Death Day 2U is a film that surpasses the entertainment value of the first film due to it’s cast, writing, and wit. I’m not sure you can do a part 3 without a complete change in direction but these films are extremely fun with little risk so if they wanted to give it a shot, they should have an audience ready and waiting.








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