The biggest movie of the year you probably haven’t heard of (if you are outside of China) is The Wandering Earth (Liu Lang Di Qiu). The world’s highest-grossing film of 2019 (until Avengers: Endgame comes out) belongs to China with a worldwide haul of 600 million dollars to date. So what is all the hype about? Well, it is 50% the Chinese equivalent to the Day After Tomorrow and 50% an Alex Jones nightmare about the Communist Chinese writing about their dream of a New World Order that they are in control of. We’ll touch on that point later on but the real question here is about the quality,  is the film good? No.

The Wandering Earth begins in a world where the sun threatening to burn out the earth in 100 years and the entire solar system in 300 years. In order to prevent the planet from being completely destroyed, every country on earth consolidates into the United Earth Government, a literal New World Order, in an effort to a push Earth out of the Solar System to the Alpha Centauri system within the next 2500 years…sounds simple enough. But the journey to get there threatens to kill just as many people as doing nothing because Jupiter’s strong gravitation pull is causing the planets to collide. With 37 hours until the Earth’s demise, a group of individuals must band together in the name of the survival as they are trapped on The Wandering Earth.

If you can’t accept the fact that the world government is using thousands of jet boosters to literally move the planet across the solar system then you might as well tap out here, because you have to look past a lot of nonsense to go with this premise. Such as why after slightest hint of disaster does the one world government call to abandon the people of Earth when the entire point of the mission is to save the planet in question? It seems like the elite would have been better off creating a space ship and peacing out, but then again when you are talking about a global overseeing government, you have to ask yourself if the people were better off taking their chances with the sun in the first place.

In one way, it is pretty impressive that they made this film with only a $50 million dollar budget but at the same time you have to deal with some very shotty looking special effects. The performances of the actors aren’t anything to be impressed by as no one truly stands out and as much as I tried to give it is a chance, you can’t look past the lack of character development, climax, and emotion. The Wandering Earth may be a mega-hit in China, but China has a long way to go before they excel in good sci-fi storytelling.







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