Suburbicon Review: A Movie Where Black People Are Props

I’m sure that George Clooney thought he was making a politically righteous statement by making a racially charged black comedy (no pun intended) about a black family moving into a white neighborhood that he could use as a vehicle to attack President Trump. However, what he actually did was make a condescending cringefest that drew ire among liberals and conservatives alike…Way to bring people together George.

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Suburbicon is basically what left-wing elitists like everyone starring in this movie think of everyday Americans who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Now set that film in the 1950s and you have an excuse to shoehorn in racist elements while the audience tries to figure out who they should be rooting for and why they are even watching this movie in the first place.

The blame here is on George Clooney, whose ego likely took a hit after the last presidential election. Yes, the Coen brothers wrote the initial premise of the film back in the 1980s. But their original vision was a story that was almost completely removed from social commentary. Clooney, who wrote produced and directed this hilarious backfire, decided to change much of the story in his words:

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“The genesis of the screenplay came when I was watching a lot of Trump speeches on the campaign trail about building fences and scapegoating minorities”. Clooney added, “Its fun to lift up that curtain and look underneath that thin veneer and see some of the real problems that this country has yet to completely come to terms with.”

So this film is essentially the final product in Clooney’s journey to wokeness, the problem is, no one wants to go in the direction Clooney was shooting for. Obviously, Conservatives will spite this film given the political stance of the actors and directors of this project, but even liberals took exception to this for Clooney failing to give light to the real-life story of a black family in a white neighborhood during the 50s and instead deciding to focus on Matt Damon who is in the running for Top 5 worst protagonists of the year.

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The narrative of Suburbicon is a headache to understand because it only uses the black family in the film as props and not real characters that can contribute positively to the story. Elements of good storytelling are sacrificed in order for Clooney to attempt to score political points and fails miserably even among the group he was trying to impress. Damien Straker from Impulse Gamer has the perfect summary of this film

“Suburbicon is as though Get Out was made by silly White people and it was terrible. Who the hell would want to watch that?”

Judging by the box office…no one.




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