Happy Death Day Review

I probably would have skipped a film like Happy Death Day under normal circumstances. I mean this format has been done to death recently with films like Before I Fall just 7 months ago and done better with films like Edge of Tomorrow. But I was given a good recommendation based on the writer so decided to checked it out. Happy Death Day is a comedic slasher film about a bitchy Kappa girl who repeats the same day over and over again when a baby masked killer, ends life her every day in various comedic ways. The main character of Tree (Jessica Rothe) is very unlikable on purpose parodying sorority life in the same line of a film like Mean Girls. As each day repeats, she realizes what a horrible person she is and works to reform herself as she discovers who her killer is.

The cast of this film is young, good-looking, funny, and self-aware which is why the film works. It’s very difficult to do a serious slasher film these days and outside of James Wan, it is difficult to do a scary horror film these days as well. So the film plays to its strengths with a smart script by screenwriter Scott Lobdell, notable for his work in the comic book universe, that meshes well with its cast comedic timing.  Jessica Rothe and Rachel Matthews are the standouts here in this dark comedy as their roles provide laughs that carries a silly premise but makes the film enjoyable. This is one of my biggest surprise hits of the year, I give production companies like Blumhouse lots of credit for taking small budget films like this and taking a chance where hit or miss, is a very refreshing formula in a very stale and creatively bankrupt climate in Hollywood. Happy Death Day is a fun and energetic film perfect for the Halloween season.




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