Logan Lucky Review: A Cliché Look At Red State America

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The marketing for this movie has been pretty terrible, I’m sure at least 80% of people have no idea what Lucky Logan is and even if you heard of it, you would have no idea what the film is about. Well, the film is about a couple of brothers and their sister in Rural West Virginia. After a series of unfortunate events, Jimmy Logan is out of a job and out of options due to his leg injury. So he decides to do what every person without an option does…rob a bank (or a NASCAR race to be specific).

You’ve seen this premise done to death in Hollywood, the heist to solve all of a person’s problems. Going In Style just did this film a few months ago. What makes this one a bit different is its focus on Blue Collar American life and a star-studded cast. Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Riley Keough, Daniel Craig and others star in what many name ‘the redneck Ocean’s Eleven’. Which makes sense considering Steven Soderbergh, the man who directed the Oceans Trilogy directed this caper as well. The film is very fun and if you like the Oceans movies you’ll love this. Apparently, there was some concern whether this film was another example of Hollywood taking the piss outta southerners. Honestly, it isn’t. There are some stereotypes, of course, but it really doesn’t lose the plot of what they are aiming for with the film. All the actors play a wacky character that is typically out of character from what you normally see them as. Logan Lucky is a good movie, the cast has a great time playing their roles and it shows.

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The problem is the film is not very original and very clichéd. The story becomes way too convenient in order for everything to work out and takes away from the risk of the heist. That doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time watching it because you will, and perhaps you learn a thing or two about NASCAR when it’s all said and done…like why you don’t watch it.




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