The Adventurers Review

If you watched the trailer for the film The Adventurers (I’m sure you didn’t), you may have thought you were about to watch a Chinese version of The Italian Job with crafty heist action and fun humor sprinkled in between. Instead what you get is a disjointed bargain bin action-comedy that is better looking than it is scripted. In The Adventurers, a group of thieves comes together to steal an expensive artifact and sell it to a leader of a criminal organization. Joining the lead thief in charge is a crafty computer whiz and a steamy seductress who combined the trio attempt to thwart off a down on his luck French Cop played by Jean Reno who was once saved by Andy Lau, the lead actor in the film.

As fun as the film may look in the trailer, it simply doesn’t translate to the film. I can’t recall one good action sequence in the entire movie. The film moves through all the plot points without any increase of excitement. The problem is the actors themselves, outside of Shu Qi (Who looks amazing for 41), who is a steal stealer, no one puts a good amount of effort into this film. You see, many inspirations from films such as Mission Impossible in the storytelling, but they don’t put the work into the characters to make you care. The humor on display here also doesn’t help matters, you know the joke is bad when you can tell the film wants you to laugh here but you simply don’t because it isn’t funny. There are a lot of exotic locations on display, however, the constant change in language to match the region is confusing and makes you wonder who this film is supposed to be marketed to because it damn sure isn’t an American audience or even a Chinese audience at that. The Adventurers is simply a miss with some decent visuals and technology, but those little spider bots aren’t going to make anyone watch or remember this film.


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