Snatched Review: Argh…

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I saw Trainwreck with Amy Schumer a few years ago and much like everyone else I thought it was pretty good. However, I think people are finally waking up to the fact that Amy Schumer is a one trick pony and that trick has gotten really old really fast. After she blamed ‘Alt-Right trolls’ for her Netflix comedy special flopping a couple of months back, it will be interesting to hear the excuse for this critical flop known as Snatched.

Amy Schumer plays an emotionally immature woman pushing 40 (stop me if you have heard that before) who needs to find a person to go to Ecuador with after her boyfriend dumps her. When none of her friends want to be seen with her, she is stuck taking her mother and hijinks ensue. Amy Schumer simply isn’t as funny as she thinks she is, no other way around it. Her narcissistic man-child shtick has no satire behind it, it’s just a tired form of comedy we have all seen and have been tired of before. The only thing that can be remotely described as enjoyment is a running bit between Ike Barinholtz, who plays Schumer’s even more retarded older brother and a state department officer and it is at that moment you realize that you would rather be watching a film about these two, than the film you are actually getting.

20th Century Fox

Snatched is a poorly written first draft of Trainwreck where Amy Schumer is even more unlikable and less funny. As if I need to be any blunter, I think comedy and Amy Schumer needs to take a break, go on a vacation with Seth Rogen and forget to come back, maybe then we can get fewer movies like this and go back to making people laugh.




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11 thoughts on “Snatched Review: Argh…

  1. Do you think if Amy wrote this movie it would have been better or worse? Also, do you think most comedians have a shtick which doesn’t have a long shelf life? Such as Kevin Hart’s compensation for being short among others?

    1. No for the simple fact that Amy improv much of her dialogue and it was still bad. Also as far as certain comedians in movies they tend to one trick ponies because that is what they are asked to do, Kevin Hart is no exception but he is better off the cuff. Schumer is become just like Jillian Bell

  2. The trailer for this movie is terrible, so I didn’t bother wasting my money on a ticket. I’m sorry, watching this was probably a horrible experience for you. It would be for me. 😐

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