Amy Schumer Can’t Do Stand Up Anymore Because of Trump & ‘Alt-Right’

Amy Schumer in a recent interview with Time while promoting her latest film I Feel Pretty said that the election of Donald Trump has been a “nightmare,” for her comedy career if nothing else.

“I’ve been doing less standup, just because it’s not funny,” Schumer says of the country’s current political climate, as “tears come to her eyes,” 

Schumer, who still blames to this day ‘alt-right activists’ for rating her Netflix special poorly. “There will be a movement on Reddit to try and get the movie voted down, to actually hurt me,” she says. “But I’m not going to let that slow me down.” She’s taking it upon herself to call out harmful behavior when she sees it. Just the other day, she corrected a male interviewer who called her a “lady boss,” calmly explaining that she’d rather just be called a boss.

20th Century Fox

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Forecasts show I Feel Pretty — about a woman who thinks she looks like a supermodel after she bumps her head during a spinning mishap — debuting in the $13 million-$15 million range domestically.

In May 2017, Snatched, starring Schumer opposite Goldie Hawn, opened to $19.5 million in North America. The film burned out quickly, grossing $45.9 million domestically and $60.8 million globally.

Snatched was Schumer’s first feature film since Trainwreck, which launched to $30.1 million in summer 2015. Trainwreck, a water-cooler sensation that propelled Schumer to stardom, went on to earn $110.2 million in North America and $140.8 million globally.

It’s worth noting that Trainwreck (Universal) and Snatched (20th Century Fox) were rated R, while I Feel Pretty sports a friendlier PG-13 rating in hopes of enticing younger teen girls in addition to older women.

20th Century Fox

I Feel Pretty, which stars Schumer, Michelle Williams, Emily Ratajkowski, Rory Scovel, and Busy Philipps, opens everywhere on April 20.


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10 thoughts on “Amy Schumer Can’t Do Stand Up Anymore Because of Trump & ‘Alt-Right’

  1. I love her.. She’s refreshing and people love to slam her and she doesn’t give a shit. Comes right back at them. And her new movie I Feel Pretty is wonderful..

      1. oh so you will just jump on the Schumer-shaming bandwagon just because then.. yeah..ok.. scary thought is I bet even if you actually like it – you will bash..just because..

      2. As I wrote in my reaction for the trailer of this movie AND the movie I reviewed a year ago. I was never on the Amy Schumer bandwagon to begin with. Trainwreck is a fine movie but I’ve never found her funny to begin with. Also you didn’t exactly address ANY of my criticisms (and the high point) I had of the film

  2. And that’s because I haven’t read them because we are this specific part of your site and I’m addressing your comments on THIS post.. not others.. Sorry you don’t feel she is funny.. I love her. She represents the me.

    1. You know, I just reread this conversation and it seem like you didn’t catch on to my humor when I said “…then i’ll savage it”. That’s why I thought you were talking about the review but it sounds like it was from that comment.

      1. oh… wow… now not only do I feel reeeallly blonde.. but kinda stupid.. I didn’t get it. uuugghhh sorry..there is so much Schumer-shaming bandwagoners going on..I shouldn’t have assumed.. you have my totally blonde and yes sincere also, apology.. 🙂

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