Vacation Friends 2: A Noticeable Step Down From The Original

Hollywood is at a tough time developing comedies that are actually funny for a multitude of reasons.

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The art of comedy is dead in modern Hollywood because they are too concerned about offending certain groups for anything to be considered funny in the first place. When Hollywood tries to be funny it’s always from a force perspective of diversity and inclusion and the comedy always comes at the expense of who progressives hate on a personal level.

Hollywood has no idea how to make a comedy movie in the Modern Age that is not from the perspective of Seth Rogen and its that reason why the majority of films in the genre tend to fail. In 2021, the Hulu film entitled ‘Vacation Friends’ starring John Cena that looks like your typical Seth Rogen Style drug-filled over the top Comedy Fest that was Prime for a streaming service and not a movie theater.

However to the surprise mostly everyone, that film turned out to be way funnier than it ever had any business being. the premise was a black couple goes to a Mexican wedding and they meet a white couple who they decide to spend their vacation with on happenstance and the two couples go on a crazy over the top Adventure that is mostly driven by inconveniences in misunderstandings.

2023 20th Century Studios

The comedy was actually very clever and well thought out making it easily when the best stand out comedy films of the last decade. Because that film was a success Hollywood couldn’t help itself but to release a sequel a couple years later called ‘Vacation Friends 2.’

The question is could the sequel stand toe to toe with the first movie and the answer is…not really. ‘Vacation Friends 2’ begins with Marcus and Emily joining Ron and Kyla, along with their infant son for a trip to the Caribbean.

Marcus has an ulterior motive for the trip, planning to interview with Korean hotel company Kim Wae for a job to build a five-star hotel in Chicago after Ron and Kyla have left. The event is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Kyla’s father Reese (Steve Buschemi), who has just been released from San Quentin Prison.

2023 20th Century Studios

Ron, who is unaccustomed to having people dislike him clashes with Reese and the whole group is dubious of. Reese’s investment opportunity for a cryptocurrency called SCOM Coin. The situation gets even more dangerous when it turns out Reese was trying to recover $5 million from an African warlord who now has the entire family out his sights as he wants his cash back.

‘Vacation Friends 2’ changes up the dynamic too much from the original movie. The second film starts off with no world backstory of the relationship between the two couple meaning that you have to watch the first movie to understand exactly what’s happening in the second.

‘Vacation Friends 2’ loses sight of the dynamic that worked in the first movie which was having Marcus and Emily play the straight couple in a comedic sense to Ron and Kayla who are wild and crazy but have good intentions and found themselves causing trouble and intentionally.

2023 20th Century Studios

By removing this dynamic, you remove what made the first movie a comedy hit in the first place meaning that the film struggles to find its footing because it has to recreate an entirely new dynamic in order for this movie to work.

This is a movie that’s made for people who are fans of the first film however if you are a fan of the first movie you’ll notice a noticeable drop off in quality that ultimately makes Vacation Friends 2 and major miss for the Disney on streaming service.





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