The Equalizer 3 Review: Antoine Fuqua Takes The Franchise Back To It’s Roots

Believe it or not, Denzel Washington is almost 70 years old which means that his time for playing an action star is rapidly diminishing.

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The Equalizer was a film that came out in 2014 that took the cinematic world by storm by telling a story that has been told many times before but in an entertaining light. The story of an old retired Hitman who just wants to live a normal life but the world around him will not let him to get away.

The film was so successful that it spun a sequel four years later called ‘The Equalizer 2’, This movie tried to take a more human approach to the character of Robert which was probably the film’s downfall. Instead of focusing on Denzel Washington brutalizing a group of random bad guys, the film tried to give him a human backstory that focus more on drama than it did action.

It took several years to get to the point where ‘The Equalizer 3’ was released and knowing that Denzel’s time as a big time action star is almost up, ‘The Equalizer 3’ took the approach of going all out and returning to his roots and giving audiences an absolutely brutal action flick that will make Frank Castle proud.

Stefano Montesi – © 2023 – Sony Pictures Entertainment

‘The Equalizer 3’ begins in a small city outside of Sicily where Robert McCall has completely taken out an entire crime families organization. However, a momentary lapse of judgment sees him get shot in the back by young child and after a failed attempt to escape he is driven to a small coastal city where he has no choice but to stop and recover.

During his recovery he begins to introduce himself to the locals and finds a deep sense of community with the people there. However, much like his problems for most of his life, he can’t move away from his roots when he finds out that an Italian crime family that is moving a very dangerous drug throughout the region has strong armed many of the citizens and is forced them to give up their land and give up their businesses.

Wanting to take a passive approach, Robert McCall is forced to once again get his hands dirty and save the town from a organization that is too big for any one man to handle.

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If you love brutal violence, this is certainly going to be an entertaining watch for you, The Equalizer 3 does not spare any expense when it comes to the absolute brutality and it’s bone breaking and the hat combat.

Those who are squeamish about violence or those who have children should probably think twice about going to watch this movie but if violence doesn’t bother you, this is going to be one of the most entertaining watches of the entire year.

Dakota Fanning is in the film teaming with Denzel Washington for the first time since 2004 is Man of Fire. Her character plays a minor role as a CIA agent who was trying to crack the case of an international crime family while McCall decides to get his hands dirty the old-fashioned way.

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Because the film is set in Italy, there is tons of religious imagery of the Roman Catholic Church seen throughout the film. One of the best aspects of this movie is the cinematography. The film is so well shot that the most intimate scenes throughout Italy puts the viewer right in the heart of the City.

The Equalizer 3 is without question a strong step up from the previous installment and is a solid conclusion to the trilogy. Denzel Washington excels with a less is more attitude while maintain a cold and calculated brutality.

Stefano Montesi – © 2023 – Sony Pictures Entertainment

‘The Equalizer 3’ reveals itself to be one of the biggest hits of the summer that desperately needs a boost of entertainment.





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