Sympathy for the Devil (2023) Review: A Movie Too Good For VOD

For the last decade, Nicholas Cage has been associated with numerous VOD movies that he used to financially pull himself out of debt.

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To call RLJ Entertainment a mixed bag would be an understatement, for every good Nicholas film such as Mandy, you had other disappointing efforts such as the old way. Modern audiences are so used to seeing over the top wacky and zany Nicholas Cage that you forget just how good of an actor he can be when he is motivated by the material.

‘Sympathy for the Devil’ is a film that is yet another straight to VOD release however the quality in the visual presentation of this movie will have audiences pondering why this did not get a theatrical release especially during a time where Hollywood is desperate for content to keep people in the theaters.

‘Sympathy for the Devil’ is a film about a young dad only referred to as the driver as he arrives at a Las Vegas Hospital awaiting the birth of his new child while his wife is in labor. However, before he has an opportunity to enter the hospital he is Interrupted by a man only referred to as the passenger who holds him at gunpoint and demands that he drives him to where he needs to go.

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Throughout the events that occur, the passenger has seemingly had his eyes on the driver for quite some time despite the fact that the driver denies any association with him. Things taking a increasingly dark turn when the driver realizes that the passenger is very serious about his mission and he will take out anyone who stands in his way.

What comes next is a film about two people who may or may not be in the right place at the wrong time. While calling this a Bare Bones movie is not an accurate description of the film itself, there is something about this movie that modern Hollywood has yet to learn is the lesson of less is more.

‘Sympathy for the Devil’ gives the illusion of having a much bigger scale than it actually has because of how well shot the movie really is. A film that is a glamourous ability to paint a beautiful picture with the limited tools in it’s arsenal is exactly the type of filmmaking the American film industry needs to get back to.

RLJ Entertainment

Cage and Kinnaman are effectively the film’s only two actors to the film lives and breathes on their dynamic. The thread of the film is held together by pulling the audience into the understand that there is a bigger picture at play that has not been revealed to them yet.

Without getting into spoilers, the ends justify the means and ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ will make a manic Nicolas Cage seems not so crazy but the time we get to the ending.

VOD can be a four letter word in the eyes of Hollywood but sometime the best films are ones that Hollywood doesn’t want to endorse. ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ is a sleeper hit of a film and probably one of the year best film in a sea of mediocrity.





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