Left Behind Rise of the Antichrist Review: Solid For A Micro Budget Christian Film

Living in 2023 can seem like the end times are right around the corner was looking at the things that are being promoted in the world today.

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With Elon Musk promoting microchips to be implanted into human brains, Gender mutilation being promoted to children as “gender-affirming care”, the Global Financial system being reshaped by the World Economic Forum, and the word of God being rejected at a rate that we haven’t seen in human history; it is easy to think that the Great Tribulation is right around the corner.

We haven’t seen too many Christian films since the age of covid yet ‘Left Behind Rise of the Antichrist’ is a film hoping to bring awareness of what exactly the end times could look like. What would happen if a large number of the global population suddenly disappeared without a Trace?

Would the world believe that the Rapture had taken place and that the end times were near, or would most people find a way to excuse this phenomenon and move on and blissful unawareness of the times to come? That is what this film looks to achieve as a preview into the Book of Revelations.

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The film begins 6 months after the Rapture has taken place in the world is dipping into chaos. With mass panic spreading around the governments and corporations from all around the world, a Whirlpool of unbelievers is finally starting the question of whether the Bible’s prophecy of the end times is actually coming true. But many are quick to write off the events as something entirely different.

However, when one figure behind the scenes begins to grow more prominence and Power, The question becomes a reality as our character has to deal with the rise of the one called “the Antichrist” and the reality that the evilest time in human history is upon us.

It’s easy to look at a film like this and blow it off as a low-budget Christian film seen in the same light as the “God’s Not Dead” movies. ‘Left Behind’ is a surprisingly well-put-together film. The objective of this film is to introduce secular audiences to three important aspects of the Christian religion. The rapture, The Seven Year tribulation, And the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ.

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Modern Christian films have fallen off in the last few years because they’ve tried ways to deliver this message by limiting the gospel as a means to not offend non-Christian audiences with the word of God. This method may make Christian films more favorable in the eyes of secular audiences, but they fundamentally lose the the ability to spread the word which defeats the purpose.

The elephant in the room also deals with who the Antichrist is, to begin with. Many people are under the assumption that ‘The Antichrist’ will be a politician like Donald Trump or Barack Obama, or a well-known political figure such as Elon Musk.

The film goes the charismatic route of revealing this figure but there’s a much deeper conversation that the film avoids to not offend religious groups who may watch this movie.

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Because this is a smaller budget movie the film stays away from doing things they can’t get away with due to monetary limitations. The film does a good job of paralleling modern problems in our society in the post covid era to hopefully awaken people to the fact that the reality of the end times is much closer than many will admit.

“Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist” is a solid film on a small budget but it should only be the start of a much largest conversation.





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